Wal-mart going Blu in June?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Webslinger, Feb 15, 2008.

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    CHK CHK.....BLAM! That's the sound of the shotgun being loaded and pointed at HD DVD. The rumor, and I only take this as *RUMOR* until it's confirmed, is that Toshiba's about to throw in the towel within a few weeks and give up on HD DVD. The superbowl ads did nothing to increase sales and those have been dropping steadily since Warner announced they're going Blu. Clearly things keep getting worse for HD DVD and at this point you'd have to be pretty blind to think the HD DVD camp can miraculously turn this around. (There are, however, a lot of people who believe otherwise. Hoping against hope that somehow it's all just a bad dream, or that it's not REALLY over cause there's still discs being released, etc, etc. It's called denial. :) ) Anyway, it was painfully obvious that this war was coming to a close back in January when Warner made their announcement. It just keeps getting more and more certain with each new press release.
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    Yep I have more or less giving up on HD DVD

    I hope my Xbox player keeps kicking to enjoy the HD movies I already purchased.

    Too bad I will probably sit this out until the Blu-Ray gets it specs straightened out. I am afraid with the BD Live the product life cycle is at the beginning again with a 600-700 dollar player.

    I only want the ethernet connectivity to upgrade the firmware and not the online purchasing garbage.
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    I almost wish they'd offer a trade in deal so that we can convert our HD DVD purchases to Blu-ray when the equivalent titles are released. It'll NEVER happen but it'd be nice. Not that it matters as I have a dual format LG drive in my HTPC. So, I'm good to go on either format. I do feel sorry for those who bet on HD DVD exclusively. In July of last year I made the decision not to sit on the sidelines any more and invest in playback technology for Blu-ray. Turns out it was a wise move I think.
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    how do you like that LG HD Blu Ray drive

    I am considering getting one myself
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    The only thing you could do to pry it from my cold dead hands is to replace it with the model that burns blu-ray for 100 bucks more than I paid. :) I love this drive. It's ripped everything I've thrown at it, plays everything directly like a champ. In short, it simply works.
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    Yeah me too I was in love with mine until cyberlink spoiled it for me , life of brian wouldnt play in 3319a so I upgraded and now my BD+ discs dont want to know me :( , but I second that its a great drive :agree:
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    You'll notice that I very carefully avoided linking PowerDVD to the drive itself. ;) PowerDVD sucks, there's no getting around that. But if there was the ultimate player that simply worked on all titles with no fuss, this drive would still be my first choice. It really does an excellent job.
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    wow a blogger posts some FUD and now its got to be true... how pathetic the online news outlets have become... no walmart spokes person has said anything to anyone yet. so until then maybe Susan Chronister should keep her mouth shut....
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    Clearly until things are confirmed, they should be taken as rumor, yes. For instance, the rumor that Toshiba is about to pull the plug on HD DVD completely. However, sometimes rumors turn out to be correct, so, ignoring them completely isn't always useful either. I for one like to see CONFIRMATION of news stories, as well. Nonetheless, you have to admit that things are not looking very good for HD DVD and given recent events the likelihood is that Walmart is indeed going to pull the plug regardless of what Toshiba does.
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    Looks like it could be confirmed by Walmart now. I've seen it reported in a number of places that at least have some journalistic standards. :D (Not that CNN necessarily qualifies but it's the latest one I've seen). So, um, yea, I tend to believe this is far more than rumor now.