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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Gary Edwards, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Gary Edwards

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    Red Fox Shop

    On Thursday the 22nd of this month (2-22-18) I ordered a lifetime license for Any DVD through RedFox Shop orders@redfox.bz

    The bank refused the charge and I did call the bank on 2-23, explained the situation along with providing them the ORDER: OWK-ZNP, and asked them to release the funds; which they did at that time.

    As of today 2-26-18 I have not received the lifetime license for this product.

    Please review the order, confirm that you have been paid, and send me the code asap.

    Thank you,

    Gary Edwards
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    @Ivan you're up!

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  3. RedFox 1

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    Hi Gary: Did you check all your spam folders? Sometimes its gets stuck in there.
  4. Jill

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    Hi Gary,

    It was easy to find your order attempt in our system, thanks to your forum user name (you might want to consider changing that).

    Your order attempt on February 22nd has failed and, thanks to various stumbling blocks, once an order has failed, this is it for that order. If you look at your online credit card transactions you will either see that no charge was made or that there are pending funds, which means your bank is still trying to submit these funds. They would, however, not reach us. Please check with your bank before you place your next order that they would let this through. Very often they give you a two-hour slot for this, which should be plenty of time for us to try and process your next order.