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    CloneDVD Mobile for DVD on Vosonic VP8360?

    My friend showed me CloneDVD Mobile the other day and it looks promising but I did not see an option for any Vosonic devices. Apparently the VP8360 is able to play a variety of video formats but I am not sure which would be the best for this device. I have heard of a few people complaining about a/v sync issues towards the end of long files. I have not gotten that far as currently I have only played with small files such as music videos. I have noticed visual distortion in scenes with a lot of quick action though. I have tried playing around with SUPER but keep getting unsatisfying results, possibly due to the VP8360, or maybe my lack of knowing exactly what the heck I’m doing, I don’t know for sure. Converting and playing around with video formats is still fairly new territory for me. I already have my whole CD collection on my PMP, it would be cool to have my DVD and music video collections on there as well.

    Does anybody have any first-hand knowledge of using CloneDVD Mobile with the Vosonic VP8360? Does it or will it work? Also, to my understanding, the Wolverine ESP is pretty much the same thing.