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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by pman, May 13, 2007.

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    Just a bit of help please. I have an external Media Player that I record movies onto using VOB. I can then plug the Media Player into any TV or PC to watch them. The Media Player contains a 500GB HD formatted to FAT32. The vast majority of my movies copied are fine but 1 in 5 fail and can't be copied - the error reading that there is not enough disc space? This seems to occur with larger films - seems to be any finished file size above 4GB?? Can anyone tell me whats going on and how to round this? Cheers.
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    4GB limit

    OK - so I've just found out that you can only make a VOB movie file to the maximum capacity of 4GB. So whats the next best conversion format (quality wise) to play copied video files onto a large screen?
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    VOB to external disk

    You just have to convert (or format) from 32 to NTFS system, then you can use the disk for movies bigger than 4 GB
    thats all