VOB file subtitles missing


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Jan 28, 2007
When I create VOB files from DVDs, I cannot include subtitles. Anyone else have this problem?
Yes,i have the same problem,with some dvds:mad: .I would hope this problem was fixed in an new oppdate.but i dont seems like it is any better yet.

Clone dvd mobile is a very fine convertor:agree: ,so ill hope this problem will be lost as son as possible.:bowdown:

Regaards Thomas H
No subtitles.

It`s the same for me. Most Dvd:s works fine but some, for example Open Range, Salems´s Lot and The Damnation of Faust is without subtitles after converting. Probably is there more for I have convert over 200 movies to server. I have to delete them after I found them.
I really hope SlySoft will get an update who solve the problem soon.

Get a Nice Day / Gube 56
No Subtitles

I have not been able to get subtitles to ever work on any thing I convert.
I'm in the same boat here. I can't get subtitles to work. Please help Slysoft

I'm just using VOB passthrough and selecting the subtitle track.
I've never had a problem with a Region 1 DVD, but certain Region 3s give Clone mobile problems (they're the same ones that give PocketDivx problems.) For example--I just picked up the Hong Kong version of Midnight Sun, and you can select the subs--Clone understands they're there--but then they don't show up in the final product. I tried using DVD Shrink to make a copy with only the English subs available, and then have Clone work on that, but still no go. I'm not really sure what the distinction is, some stuff always works (any Celestial or Joy Sales release) and then other stuff doesn't.

If anybody from Slysoft reads this and feels like picking up a DVD to try and reverse engineer what's going on--here are some DVDs that I can't get subs to appear on:

Midnight Sun (see above)
Murder Take One (Hong Kong version; I can get the Chinese subs to appear but not the English ones; even when I select the English ones only the Chinese appear)
Dasepo Naughty Girls (Korean release; same thing as above, you can get the Korean subs to appear but not the English ones)

There's others, but I'm blanking at the moment.
I'm having the same problem here. I'm ripping the Starwars dvds and it's not keeping the english subtitles I have selected.

These are the subtitles when some characters are speaking in Alien languages.

After a bit of testing I notice I can't get any subtitles when ripping to VOB files.

Please help Slysoft
I have seen the same with many DVD's. It's a strange problem. Please Slysoft, have a look at it.
Hi all,

No answer regarding this issue? :( I am having the same problem with almost all my DVDs...