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VOB File (Passthrough)


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Jan 30, 2007
In the device list in the first screen - there is "VOB File (passthrough)". I know VOB is the raw file on a DVD, but what does this option do?
A VOB (Video OBject) is the basic packaged audio/video stream on a DVD. This is encoded as mpeg-2 data (HDs are some flavor of mpeg-4). Depending on the disc, you may have several VOBs that are the same video content, but different audio (director's commentaries, etc.), but others may have a single video stream with multiple channels of audio. I sometimes use WMP to play the DVD first so I can see exactly which title/chapter is playing. You can actually do a VOB extraction and then re-name to *.mpg and it will work just fine as a stand-alone mpeg-2 file.