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VOB file claims it's 3 seconds long


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Aug 16, 2007
With AnyDVD running, I copy VOB files from DVD to hard disk for viewing/editing. Usually, these files are readable/playable in various media players/editors, e.g. windows moviemaker or GOMplayer. (crude, I know, but serves my purposes.) However, I encountered a 0.99G VOB file that seem to copy correctly, and the content seems to be there on hard disk, but the players say it is 3 seconds long and not all the content plays. Could this be an AnyDVD issue, or an issue with me just not having the right codecs to play them or what? I don't know much about video files. Has this happened to anyone else?
Thanks for any advice on this

thanks. that's what I wanted to know... one suspect eliminated...
re: VOB claims it's 3 seconds long

I have done more investigation into this. DVD is DVD-R, with no copy protection, same thing happens if you copy the VOB without AnyDVD, so AnyDVD is innocent. VOB must contain some anomaly that not all codecs handle. I did find an application (isofter DVD to WMV converter) that handles it correctly, though. Thanks for the help.