Vista x64 + AnyDVD HD Issue - Fix

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by sking, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. sking

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    I THOUGHT I Found the problem..with AnyDVD HD and my x64bit system..

    Issue: anydvdhd would crash on finishing install, and would Hang system on restart/Startup/Login...

    Resolved by:
    I disabled the IDE Contoller for the DVD drive and all is good

    HDDVD plays back as i need to find a new driver for my P5WDH Mobo.

    what a lucky guess...hope this helps any other 64bit users
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  2. sking

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    Now AnyDVDHD is saying drive is not detected/plugged in.

    I've done all the previous steps ..disable IDE conroller etc. and i cannot get to the Windows Logon/Auto Login screen without PC hang..i either have to delete anyDVD directory or disable AnyDVD startup in Msconfig..

    So i guess the issue is still there.....but for some reason disabling the IDE controller got me playback for a lil while...

    i have the latest drivers for each and every component and all are WHQL signed..Tested w. Digital signature disabled and or enabled
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  3. sking

    sking Member

    Well I have 10 Days left with version
    The new version still Locks up / Hangs Vista x64....

    any plans on fully tested Vista64bit development
  4. bingobill

    bingobill Well-Known Member

    AnyDVD HD works perfectly for me with Vista64.

    Perhaps it would be worth visiting your Motherboard's website and make sure you have all the latest 64 bit drivers installed.
  5. sking

    sking Member

    OK, you gave me some hope,
    i may need to reinstall V64
  6. sking

    sking Member

    Well, That Did it..
    Fresh Install of Vista x64 and AnyDVD HD, and she is running better than ever....
    i did manage to reproduce the crash in *Debug*mode though,i think maybe i had that setting ON during last OS install.


    ill be the first to admit it.....i learnt my lesson....:bowdown:

    sorry guys/anydvd team....forgive me....
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  7. Peer

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    For this we shall furthermore pronounce you "Sir Sking" :)