Vista Compatibility with Clone DVD Mobile

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by billraup, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. billraup

    billraup New Member

    After moving to a Vista system, I have noticed that two changes have occurred. First, I can no longer choose 640, and I am limited to a maximum of 512. Also, at the end of the process of creating the video file, a window pops up indicating "Postprocessing output file...Please wait!" This message does not clear on it's own. The actual video file seems fine and I just delete the remaining temporary file in the directory. The progress bar does indicate "finished" underneath, but you cannot close the window without going into task manager to cancel the process.
  2. aldridgesl

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    I have a similar challenge only in WIN XP. I am using CloneDVD mobile version (purchased recently). When I back up a DVD with multiple titles (i.e., disk with 4 programs on it), the transfer to output works fine. However, I get the same "Postprocessing output file...Please wait" dialog box. I can click on the box and make it go away...but the application is then frozen and requires the Windows task manager to end the task.

    Any resolution as to why the app. no longer responds?

    iPod video (MP4)
    English audio track, disabled subtitles
    Resolution 512x288
    Deinterlaced 1 pass
    Letterbox zoom 1/2