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    I have been using Anydvd for some time without difficulty. Anydvd is not recognizing my dvd writer (I have done the unistall/reinstall Anydvd without success. I have now unistalled Anydvd and clonedvd2) and when I go to 'my computer' my dvd drive is not showing up. When I go to the 'device manager' there is a yellow triangel with an exclamation point next to the drive. When I click on the device the status shows "This device cannot start (code 10)". I click on the 'check for solutions' and get 'could not load driver software'. Although Windows Vista states driver is up to date. I have tried to locate a fix for the Code 10 but so far unable to locate any. My compter is a Toshiba Satellite A135-s4487 and my dvd drive is a Pioneeer DVR-K17A. Is there anyone here who has any ideas on how to fix this. I would be much appreciative. Thanks!
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    Have you tried uninstalling the optical drive in Device Manager? After doing so, Windows will reinstall after you reboot. That most generally cures the problem.
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    I uninstalled the device from device manager and when I rebooted Windows it attempted to install the driver but it failed. I will try to call Pioneer tomorrow for assistance in installation and then post what they say. Apparently this is an ATAPI device and there are no drivers for it :confused: well at least that is what I read.
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    Hi :)
    There are drivers, but they should be in the OS.
    If you have one try a different cable. It might be that.