Vista and Neverwinter Nights 2

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by Targon, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Targon

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    Back before the beta 569 version, I noticed that when I was trying to make a profile for Civ 4: Beyond the Sword with the ultra high scan that it would take 7-9 minutes. After 569 came out, it took under a minute, so this implies that the problems were in the protection scanning engine.

    Now, with the problems with Neverwinter Nights 2, I took my DVD and tried to do the same thing, ultra-high scan on fast drive. It is telling me that it will take 52 minutes to finalize the profile, and it seems to be "stuck". The profile that comes with Game Jackal for NWN 2 takes the 7-9 minutes to complete and still doesn't work.

    So, this just points to something in the profile creation that just gets stuck on the copy protection. I suspect that if a profile could be created that Game Jackal itself would work fine with the copy protection on NWN2, it just can't seem to make the profile correctly.

    So, that seems to be a good test to see if Game Jackal will work with a given game under Vista. If doing an ultra-high scan takes too long, the profile just won't work, even if/when it does complete.
  2. Webslinger

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    It must be a Vista issue, since NWN2 works perfectly fine with GJ under XP.

    I would be able to test this further if Slysoft released a Vista 64 bit version of GJ.
  3. Targon

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    I've tested NWN 2 under XP and yes, Game Jackal works perfectly, so it is a Vista issue(similar to the Game Jackal issues under Vista for other games before 569/570). I was simply pointing out that NWN 2 shows the exact same issues with 570 as Civ 4: Beyond the Sword did prior to the 569 beta.

    So, there isn't anything we can do until the next beta or release that handles the profile creation issues for NWN 2 and other titles with the same copy protection.
  4. matthew

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    I have tested this game under Vista and it works fine (using automatic profiling mode)

    What is the error message you are getting?
  5. Targon

    Targon Well-Known Member

    The usual message about needing to insert the correct DVD.

    Does auto profiling take 10 minutes in your tests, matthew?