Vista 32bit, PowerDVD & AnyDVD

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  1. graham_h

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    Vista 32bit, PowerDVD & AnyDVD-HD

    Hi Guys
    I really need some help.

    Setup is as follows.

    Fresh install of Vista 32bit ultimate
    Latest AnyDVD-HD
    Latest ATI drivers for X2600XT
    PowerDVD 3319a
    Xbox HD Drive, Pioneer Blu Ray drive

    Connected is a 19" Benq LCD panel and Sony XBR 46" LCD TV

    All I get is an error from PowerDVD saying the video drivers are incompatible.

    My question is what exact config should I use to get discs to play from my Xbox HD drive and Pioneer Blu ray drive, aswell as discs ripped to hard drive.

    ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre is useless to me if it doesn't support ATI hardware acceleration.

    Or will I have to go back to XP ?
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  2. SvT

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    You need AnyDVD-HD to play/rip HD movies (on a non HDCP system).
  3. graham_h

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    sorry my bad, I have the HD version of AnyDVD
  4. graham_h

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    anyone ?
    I'm starting to think vista is now the issue ..........
    Back to XP I reckon :confused:
  5. Adbear

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    If AnyDVD HD is running in the background you shouldn't be getting the driver message. Have you tried making a rip to harddrive and playing that in powerdvd? I have the same kind of setup and it works fine for me under Vista
  6. hddvdsupporter

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  7. hazzad

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    Running an almost identical config with no issues. Im using the ATI driver pack rather than the manufacturers drivers. Other than that running what you have and hav e had no issues with both playing discs and images from hdd.
  8. graham_h

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    Thanks Guys
    I'm going back to XP as lego star wars doesn't work on vista either :(