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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by AlasRojas, Dec 22, 2017.

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    I just got the dreaded error 66. I called my bank and they say that there was no rejection from their side. I did get an email with the rejection notice. I went ahead and try to re-order it, but as soon as I get past the first page with the purchase choices it takes me to the page 4/4 with the rejection notice.

    Please advise what is needed to fix the problem

    P.S. Tried one more time using a different browser and no luck. I do have 2 emails, one for the registration and one that is for the Visa card account, does it makes a difference?

    This is very frustrating and if it does not get corrected, I am just going to give up and stay with the old SlySoft version. I am waiting for a message from the manual entry to continue
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    Visa Bank says it never got a request for a transaction
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    Well, the tech support was of no use. I used a second credit card (I had to pay foreign transaction fees), it got rejected but the bank called and it was then cleared. I had to redo the license purchase from the start.
    With the first visa, it never went through the bank.
    BTW, I am using Chrome and trying to redo the purchase it was another case of frustration. I went back to the first page with the quantities, but pressing next got me the rejection (page 4/4) page again. I had to switch to Firefox to redo the purchasing.