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  1. Hello!

    Since this forum was very helpful last time I used it, I thought I would try again. Since I downloaded the AnyDVD and CloneDVD last week, I have been getting a lot of viruses and my computer has been very slow. Is there a recommended program to clean these viruses off of my computer? Will it also clean it off of an external hard drive that might have also been effected?

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    You don't have an anti-virus program already installed?
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    The only way you would get any viruses from downloading AnyDVD and CloneDVD would be if you were downloading from sites other than Slysoft, i.e., p2p, torrents, crack sites, etc.:(
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    How do you know that you have a Virus? If you do have any they did not com from the Slysoft site. You can run a Virus scan at TrendMicroHousecall or you can install AVG Free and use it to scan your PC.
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    Do this at a very minimum...

    Also Adaware, Popup blocker through Google toolbar, a deep scan monthly with a quality program such as McAffee. Only visit trusted sites, and scan anyway weekly with the lighter programs.

    Restore your computer if you have issues, or trust issues.
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