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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by rich l, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. rich l

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    Hi there -

    I wanted to try this out on a Win7 VM because i want to buy this for my Dad who is on Win7. He's happy with that.

    I wanted to try out the features to make sure that i can spend the 100Euros

    The error message is that i need a full key to do this. Do you have any eval "full keys" i can try?

    Or, any suggestions to make it work? I really would like to do the trial...but i don't have a Win7 machine

    thank you in advance,

  2. Ch3vr0n

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    "you wanted to try this", "error message"

    What exactly is "this" and what's giving you the error messages. And no there are no evaluation "full keys". Trial versions do not run in a virtual environment, and neither should your dad still be using Win 7. It has lost full support since the end of january this year. Which means it now almost a full year out of date and (among other things) an (internet) security risc to still be using.
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    Ah! Yes, that is important: AnyDVD. I understand Win7 is no longer supported and the risks. I am planning on getting him upgraded in the spring.

    Maybe you can just answer some of my questions and i will buy it?

    It looks like you can RIP pretty much anything DVD or BluRay (if you have a supporting drive)?

    Are there limitations to what it can RIP? Like, Disney stuff i think has issues? Other types of really-locked-down discs?

    I notice you can RIP to a folder. Does that put it in the proper DVD (i think AUDIO and VIDEO or some version of that name) folders?

    I've never done BluRay discs before. Like DVD, are the folders in ready-to-burn state? Are there limitations?

    I see a lot of emphasis on iso, and that is awesome, but i wanted to give him something that he could back up his dvd's with. He has software as well as Handbrake to write them out

    I tried to read the forums, but i wasn't finding exactly what i was looking for

    thank you,

  4. James

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    I suggest you try AnyDVD outside of a VM. Trial inside of a VM is not allowed.
  5. rich l

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    If i buy it, can i transfer the license to his machine?
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    Licenses are userbound. Not machine bound. If you purchase the license in his name, you can test it on your machine. Just make sure anydvd isn't active and running on multiple machines at a time if they share the same license key.
  7. James

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  8. thefrog

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    A number of years ago, I tried to run in VMWare with poor results. I think I tried VirtualBox as the same time and was also unsuccessful. Passthru devices are 'ok' but probably not good enough for what AnyDVD is doing. So, I'd say 'no' to virtualization in general and if you have a specific success -- share your results.

    I rip almost exclusively to ISO files on an single-task WInXP box (i do not recommend anyone run XP or 7). I rip DVDs, BDs, and UHDs. Almost every single problem I've had out of thousands of discs has been a bad pressing or some other super-strange thing (dirty laser lens, film disc simultaneously has a ps3 game on it).

    Once I have the ISO, I can do whatever... BD Rebuild or HandBrake or CloneBD to goto H.264 or H.265. I don't run any of these on the box I rip with, I don't know if they work on XP, or Win7, or 32bit. Any software you might like to use can likely consume an ISO and produce the output you desire.

    Oh... do not write your ISO files directly to a network share until you are sure that your particular combination of machines and filesystems work well for that (particularly for sparse files).