Virtual CloneDrive vs Alcohol120

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    I was wondering if anyone else has or uses Alcohol120?

    I have been looking for an Alcohol120 replacement that I can use on my kids computers. I have created ISO's for all my kids games and use Daemon-Tools as the wrapper to mount/unmount and assign the drive for the games.

    I have a question about the 8 drive capability of CloneDrive. It is nice to have these mounted drives but I noticed a wierd issue the other night.
    I mounted an ISO and was accessing some files on the virtual drive. While clonedrive showed I had several other drives available, I double clicked on another ISO image (kids game) to test and see if the game would load properly, CloneDrive dropped the virtual drive I was working on and mounted the kids game on the same virtual drive where the other ISO drive was.

    Is there a way to force clone drive to select the next available drive instead of dropping the mounted image being used?
    To ensure the games are unmounted when the kids finish, Daemon-tools will unmount the drive and release it for next use. Can clonedrive do this too?
    Is it possible to tell clone drive what virtual drive to use when a game is loaded? This is a real pain for me when I load winnie-the-pooh for the kids. If the ISO is not mounted on the correct drive letter, the program will not run.

    thanks for any feedback!
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