Virtual CloneDrive and bin/cue, img/cue and MultiTrack Audio CD's

Discussion in 'Virtual CloneDrive' started by chesmn3, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. chesmn3

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    I am a recent fan of Virtual CloneDrive having found it to be fast, lean and simple. Congratulations to the programmers for making such a fine piece of software!

    There seems to be only one issue that I experience with the software: it won't mount any of my Audio CD images. These are either in bin/cue or img/cue format. Whenever I attempt to mount them Virtual CloneDrive does not give me an error message. However, if I navigate to the drive letter in a file explorer and attempt to "Explore" it I get an error message with the window title:
    Disk is not formatted

    and body message:
    Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows.

    And, of course, no audio players see the drive letter as having a disc in it. From what I've read Virtual CloneDrive can mount .img and .bin image files, so I am confused as to why this is happening. I'd really appreciate it if someone could provide me with some help on this matter.
  2. Blazkowicz

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    Are these images working fine when you burn them or mount them into another virtual drive software?

    Also have you already tried to recreate them?
  3. chesmn3

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    Thanks for your help.

    I have successfully burned these image files to CD and played them both on my pc and my home stereo system. Also, I have successfully mounted these files in Daemon Tools.

    In regards to recreation, I have done that for a few of them however this did not change Virtual CloneDrive's ability to deal with them.
  4. James

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    Virtual CloneDrive cannot mount .cue files, sorry.
  5. chesmn3

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    I did not know Virtual CloneDrive couldn't mount .cue layout files. Well, does anyone know of some work around to enable VCD to mount the image files (.img or .bin) of these audio disk images (NOT dvd iso's) in Vista or XP? I would prefer not to use any other mounting software (Alcohol 52% 120%, MagicDisc etc.) b/c I like VCD's speed and small footprint so I am hoping someone here could suggest a solution.
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  6. Tox

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    Currently this is impossible for Virtual CloneDrive as it can only handle raw image files, i.e. single tracks which are stored in an iso/bin file.
    Obviously Virtual CloneDrive is in fact not capable of real images from optical media, no multi-track disk's like Audio CD's, no multi-session disk's, nothing... Honestly that's why I try to avoid CloneDrive whereever I can.

    If I where you I would switch to the Nero image format, it can handle everything mentioned. I know it sounds like advertisment but IMHO it's the technically better format even though it's closed source.

    In your case, open your Audio CD image with Nero and burn a Nero image, then you can put it into Nero ImageDrive and everything is fine.

    I totally forgot the ccd format which is supported by CloneDrive and created by CloneCD. So you could also use this one. But the only easy way I know is to make a Nero image (or with another programme of your choise) and mount it in Nero ImageDrive (or in another virtual image drive of your choise), and then make an image of it with CloneCD...

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  7. chesmn3

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    Thanks Tox,

    Your help and advice are much appreciated. The only problem I have with using a different format is having to spend the time and resources converting all the bin/cue to another format (ccd for CloneDrive and nrg for Nero's software). Right now I use Daemon Tools but I would prefer to just use Virtual CloneDrive. I am still holding out for someone to give a more direct approach utilizing just VCD and bin/cue or perhaps some simple command line conversion utility for bin/cue to img/ccd.
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    It's been a while and I had almost given up on the prospect of getting my old bin cue files to work with Virtual CloneDrive. Fortunately, I found a a new setting in one of my favorite burning software programs: imgburn. I created a batch file to mount the bin/cue's in another virtual drive program, create a img/ccd file using imgburn, unmount the bin/cue then repeat for all my images. Now I can use VCD to play my multi-track audio cd's :D
  9. Aratar

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    It would still be great if you could add support vor common 3rd party image files like cue/bin, mds/iso etc.