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    That's how I use to do it, but its much quicker and flexible to use DS. Plus if you need emulation, well then...

    Assuming I can't get DS to work with VCD, what's the command line parameters for this new Beta version of VCD? Thanks for your help.
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    From the command line go to the Virtual CloneDrive installation folder and type vcdmount and hit enter. A window will pop up and list all the parameters.
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    does use make for compiant pdvd8 and burning using rip to image in anyhd6522

    appreciate your hard work in development, really; but simplicity is paramount, and always a work in progress, as I am well aware.
    A simple guide with timely updates on the front page would be great too.

    XP media center SP2, hardware compliant, no issues till bd

    I wonder what is the best way/simplest way/ and or only way to assure ability for:
    1)pdvd 8 playback [with anydvdhd settings], as well as,
    2) ability to be burn compliant [with anydvdhd settings].

    I have one iso saved to vclone, which did not work in pdvd, but shazam, does now with the vclone update in ver 7 &8 ultra. Great...
    but I have been ripping to hd with only "enable blu-ray support" enabled in hopes of avoiding compliance restrictions.
    3)If I use Adbears' guide, can I change these to ISO friendly usage with compliance for pdvd playback and burn usage- please confirm.
    And is this an unnecessary step if you have the easier, simpler, answer in the vclone update-if not something that is capable now with vclone, what are the the future prospects on a ballpark time line.

    Last but not least- what settings to use to save for a hoped for BDCLONE version in the future, to be on the safest side of being compliant.
    I know the redundant timely posts border on the absurd, as I myself found researching them; I need current cut to the chase fool proof answers before going further; your input would be greatly appreciated.
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    I was having problems with the standard version on Win7. It installed okay (except that it crashed on first reboot), but when I used it to try and watch a movie (legally ripped!), the video and audio was highly garbled.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the beta. Got a BSOD on install (which I'd be happy to email you the dump of), but then I re-ran the installer and it installed fine. It now works slightly better, in that when I mount the DVD, WinDVD automatically pops up (which it didn't before). But the audio and video are still garbled. I've tried it both with and without i/o buffering.

    CPU usage doesn't seem to go up very much during this, so I don't think it's just my computer failing to process frames fast enough. But I could be wrong about that :)
  5. profcolli

    profcolli Well-Known Member failed to install on Windows 7 x64 (hanging for 20 minutes, no VClone.sys created).

    Tried on Windows 7 x32, but this time ran as "troubleshoot compatibility" and it detected it was incompatible and installed using Win XP compatability - not only did it work, but the virtual sheep is back.
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    I too had trouble with VCD under Windows 7 beta (build 7000) x64 after I'd installed an earlier VCD. However, I subsequently did a fresh reinstall of Win7, and VCD then installed and ran properly.
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    There have been a number of virtual environment tools that have croaked on Win7 beta, i have a perfectly good thinstalled WinRAR that wont work.

    it seems something is either missing from the released beta (remember it's a stripped down version, deliberately to make it run faster - it will be as bloated as pista, and as much of a resource hog on release)... or M$ have done something again to break the virtual environment implementation !
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