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  1. markdove

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    I am new to this game.

    I understand before I can copy a dvd to download onto my iPod (80gig 5G Video) I have to decrypt, if such a word. I decrypt using AnyDVD, then use CloneDVDMobile. I copy the DVD, however I get just the audio portion and no video. HELP!!!! I follow the prompts and even the directions in a book, Filling Your iPod, but all I get is audio with lots of colored bars/lines and no video. I am using the trial versions of each. At this point I am thankful I did not purchase and have the problems.

  2. Webslinger

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    I haven't used this program, but if I were you, I would click the friendly "help"
    button that appears in the upper right of Clonedvdmobile. On the left, I would click "Apple Ipod video", and I would follow the instructions.
    I would NOT use "Rip Video DVD to harddisk" in Anydvd at all; I would just have Anydvd running in the background.
  3. markdove

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    Will try and see how it works
  4. markdove

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    I am still having problems....

    Yesterday I was able to copy, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, CSS protected to my iPod. I also tried to copy a couple of classic John Wayne DVD's, also CSS protected to the Pod and was unable to do so. Is there a magic bullet I can shoot to remove the CSS protection, (The friendly help screen said CSS protected will not be copied), so I am able to copy or am I pretty much stuck with what I can purchase from iTunes store.

  5. Webslinger

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    You should have the Anydvd red fox icon running on your toolbar at all times when using Clonedvdmobile in order to remove CSS protection.
  6. markdove

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    The little red fox is in my toolbar.

    When I put the dvd in it says beginning scan then a "report" pops up on my desktop. I click ok and then the screen disappears. The little red fox is still in the tray. I then click on clone dvd mobile and begin. I follow all the prompts...but still am getting just audio.
  7. Webslinger

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    If you're doing what the help guide says, then I have no idea. Sorry.
    I am not familiar with this program.

    Maybe someone else can help you out.
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    do any of the slysoft staff or elaborate bytes staff contribute on this forum?that he could direct his question to?:confused:
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    Yes. Peer does, for one. Just because Slysoft developers contribute though, doesn't mean they will answer all questions that are posted.