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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Aceso, Oct 19, 2020.

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    For starters I want to put out there I am not asking about how internal coding works or anything nor complaining about anything. Just wondering about some information.

    I'm curious on how AnyStream goes and grabs the settings from Netflix? I know in the options everything is very limited, whether for the time being or intentional. I know it downloads the streams essentially and muxes them together. So there is no encoding done.

    I was testing with a few different TV episodes and since the quality varies due to source alone I figured I would test try one of Netflix's own shows since the source (the material they use to make the stream, not the actual end result we get) would be of higher quality.

    I downloaded Season 3 Episode 1 of Carmen Sandiego and got the 1920 x 1080p version with SRT subtitles. Once I got the file I inspected it with MediaInfo and saw the following stats:
    • Resolution: 1920x1080 (16:9)
    • Video Bitrate: 1212 kb/s @ 23.976 fps
    • Audio Bitrate: 192 kb/s 48.0 kHz, 6 channels AAC
    • File Size: 246 MB
    This all looked fine though, but as I know from ripping some of the Blurays I had, that this felt low so I did some digging around and found another copy of it using other tools that do a direct download of the file (same as AnyStream), but it seems they were able to get a higher quality of the stream with the following stats:
    • Resolution: 1920x1080 (16:9)
    • Video Bitrate: 6190 kb/s @23.976
    • Audio Bitrate: 640 kb/s 48.0 kHz, 6 channels E-AC-3
    • File Size: 1199.5 MB
    The audio I'm assuming is better quality due to the second being Dolby Digital Plus vs Regular Audio, which from what I read is how AnyStream does it currently. Which leaves the video as the next question. Is there anything in particular that is causing it to get the lower bitrate stream (vs the 134.5% increase the other gives)? Is there perhaps a setting I missed somewhere as something doesn't sound right. I know Netflix uses your account settings, but my settings/plan is on the Premium Ultra HD.

    Before someone might think it, no I am not complaining about it. Just curious on what might be causing the difference between the two.
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    Don't go together. The bottom one is the very definition of asking about internal coding.

    All I can say is a title is defined into playlists with audio and video tracks. Your chosen video file is split into a video and audio track. Based on your settings, AS asks the provider for the specific video stream (resolution) and audio stream (language preference) and combines them into an mp4 file.

    AnyStream asks for the highest bitrate, but there's a difference between asking and getting it. Then you're asking about visited quality distances and comparison, sorry but we're not going to open that can of worms again.

    You're saying you're not asking about proprietary information, but then you go on asking about proprietary information.

    That's all that can be said.

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    I wasn't asking about proprietary information, but I love how I had a response all typed out and replied back to you and you delete it and add that particular line to your post above. I would love not to have to screenshot each post I make so I can have a reference of what I said, especially since it wasn't breaking any rules and wasn't saying anything bad or terrible.
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    Yeah that was an error on my part, was just about to notify you on that! Thought I had pressed the quote button. Must have misclicked and pressed edit instead. Doesn't happen very often but couldn't be undone. for that you have my apologies.

    I never edit a post without some form of notification to the poster. There's no need for screenshots, this is an error on my part I openly admit to.

    Now as to the bitrate and stuff. Yes you were, maybe not in your eyes but you were. The statement about 'highest bitrate available' is coming DIRECTLY from lead developer Prospere, and I believe it was also him (or co-dev Pete) that said bitrate discussions and cohorts fall under 'technical information' and that's proprietary information and will not be discussed or divulged here.

    Now my post above hasn't been changed in over 20min, there's a timestamp at the bottom of it.

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    I mean I wasn't, but alright. That would be me asking a pizza company what all goes into their pizza. The "internal/proprietary" coding here would be something like we use this type of bread spread with these types of herbs, etc. etc. The question I am asking here and looking for (and my post was worded that way) is like "well you have crust, cheese, this topping". One is more concise and gives you the outer generic that you can see and customize (options) yourself, the other is essentially asking for family secrets type thing.

    This still doesn't help provide any information and the reason is (from the previous post that got deleted):

    There is no can of worms to open. I'm asking if there is a reason why AnyStream is specifically restricting bitrates. It is not asking for the highest bitrate by any means. I've downloaded a few different episodes from movies/tv shows off Netflix with AnyStream and all are around the same bitrate. If it was requesting the highest bitrate there should be fluctuations in the bitrates received, with some being higher and some being lower. Even when you are watching it from the browser on Netflix you can see a higher bitrate/quality being delivered than what you get when you rip.

    Now, from your limited understanding, you are saying it requests and that is what it gets. That doesn't make any sense at all. Now while I am not asking what they have going on in the background that determines this, I am asking what is causing it to be restricted, essentially, on our and end and what can be adjusted.

    If what you said is true and it requests the highest bitrate I should be seeing various bitrates from say 600 kb/s to 6000 or whatever Netflix caps out. They all instead hover around 800-1200 kb/s depending on the source material (for instance something from the 90's will have a drastically lower bitrate than newer material).

    I know when I am watching it on the browser the quality is better and less blocking, artifacts, more bitrate, etc. than the downloaded version. This tells me for some reason it is capping itself. So I looked through options and nothing. After checking my end and a different internet connection, because who knows might be when it requests internet provider acts up, and all same result.

    Now it might be that AnyStream is attempting to request the highest possible stream available, but for some reason it is bugging out and not doing this and we all assume it is. Based on my various experiences this seems to be the case. Which is one of the reasons I wanted to bring it forward and perhaps other users who are vastly more experienced than me might be able to shed light on it.

    Again, I am not asking for anything internal or proprietary at all and I do know that "If I don't like it I can go elsewhere". I would like to support AnyStream, but would also like to see things like this working at its full potential.
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    i'll give you a hint

    watch some netflix with browser
    and then watch the same with the windows store app f.e.

    also read into the topic "widevine"

    if you can managed to take screenshots in both browser and app
    you can compare them side by side here >
  7. Aceso

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    That doesn't say anything at all and I already know about widevine which isn't the issue here at all. Not really sure what point you are trying to make though.
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  9. Prospere

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    @Aceso I have to admit - Ch3vr0n is somewhat right. Although, the questions you ask are quite legit, they may provoke some redundant discussion which would not lead to any result, except reducing free space on server and, as we, developers, do monitor all topics on the forum, reducing the time we could spend on actually improving the product, rather than milling the wind.

    However, I do think the issue deserves some clarification.

    First, it is neither related to your Netflix account type nor to the application settings (the latter reads as "at least not for now"). Netflix does provide higher quality media. Not always, not for every title, but in general such thing exists.

    As it has been mentioned a few times on this forum, AnyStream is in its cradle, meaning there are unsupported features. Some may lack proper support due to a bug, others have not yet been implemented intentionally. This specifically is among intentional limitations that would be removed when the time comes.
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    I queried the same thing in a slightly different manner. I used an episode of SG-1 and Sports Night for comparison. Because my prime television watching was from the 80's and 90's, those shows are full frame and well picture quality of the 80's and 90's. My habit of watching them in zoom mode, which I am personally breaking myself of, while others that I know, refuse to do so. I was concerned by the small file sizes my self, for when I make the jump to very large Tv's. That 246 MB file size vs 1199.5 MB is what concerned me also. Because, once I accidentally downloaded a 12 minute adult title clip, that was larger than 246 MB, which caused me to flash back to the 80's, where I was thinking, is this live or is this Memorex? In November I was going to pull the trigger for two lifetime licenses, 1 anydvd and 1 anystream. Anystream will have to wait, I will continue my pawn shop and Goodwill store hunts, for my favorite content.
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    MOD HAT ON (which irritates me...)


    You have been asked multiple times not to discuss the details of how AS works on this forum. This will be your very last warning about that. If I see one more post from you discussing these details again, it will in fact be your last post on this forum. Please heed my warning. There won't be another one. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    /MOD HAT
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    If you're gonna do this, don't use Edge because it supports 4K HDR when playing Netflix. Use a different browser and compare with Edge :)