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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by kryddan, Oct 11, 2020.

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  1. find me an example of a scene or p2p release newer than like 4 years old that uses CBR.

    @chevron you are being rude and the only reason you don't want people discussing the technical aspects is you don't want people to know the product they're buying isn't doing what it should or that it should come with a disclaimer. the same amount of money spent on a video capture setup would provide a higher quality capture than the software provides.
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    No I'm not. I don't want anything. My job is to enforce the rules and policies set by redfox staff. Those are strict orders from redfox staff member Pete and Prospere. Pete specially stated that discussing technical aspects of AnyStream is OFF LIMITS as it's proprietary information

    AnyStream is a downloader, that's all there is to it. Is asks the streaming provider for the highest bitrate available for the requested title, after that it's dependant on what the provider actually gives to AnyStream. AnyStream does exactly what it's supposed to do, and that's downloading the audio and video and putting it in an mp4 container.

    I'll be happy to pull up pete's specific post if you really want that. But discussing technical aspects is off limits and I will lock this thread down if I have too.

    As to your request about examples. If anyone posts any info from a warez scene release and compares it with AnyStream. They will have either that post deleted, account suspended or both. Is that clear?

    AnyStream is for fair use only! Scene releases are blatant piracy and unwelcome on these forums!

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    There are tons of new releases that uses CBR. No need to find exapmle or make compressions. If you don't know, you don't need the CBR stream.
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    Dude, you are a complete joke. I will pay to have you removed from your position. You aren't just ignorant in the topic at hand but you are also a hypocrite to say that AnyStream is "for fair use only". The fact that AnyStream is violating the streaming sites' use policy by pulling/downloading the content from them while charing its user a fee to do so it's worse than what pirates are doing. At least pirates aren't asking their users for money in order to provide said content.

    Furthermore, having discussions about the quality options offered by X service has NOTHING to do with technical information. As I had mentioned before, the fact of the matter is that your devs don't have the skills needed to pull the best quality these services have to offer and that is it. All everyone who knows about the inner workings of these services (NOT AnyStream) asks is for the devs to clarify what they are capable of period. If you would just say "This is all we are capable of at the moment" everything would have been fine and most of this back and forth would have been avoided. Your arrogance to put the blame on the streaming services is what has people pissed off (including me).

    I have been a RedFox/Sy follower for many years, I just never registered an account here because there was never a need for it. The team has always provided great software like AnyDVD (which I use almost daily) and since the forum has always been open, I was always able to find the answer to any of my questions w/o an account. The release of AnyStream changed that since the software has had some many issues that I need to ask for help. Sadly, YOU have done nothing to help a paying customer (yes I paid for AS). All you have done so far, and many have seen it for themselves now, is show your lack of understanding for how AS [should] work thus all your responses have been plain rude replies with ZERO noteworthy information/support.

    So, let me ask you one last time. Can you please stick to what you know instead of ridiculing yourself more and more with each comment you make.


    P.s. I have taken the liberty of saving a copy of this forum since I know you will delete this post in no time.
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    If you don't like the policy that redfox starts about fair use, feel free to not use it. I don't make them. Also, at the very least Amazon let's your purchase titles with no way of baking them up. They can also pull any title at any time, and you can bet on it you'd not be getting your money back.

    Banking up such titles alone, quantifies fair use. What blatant pirates do and how they do is irrelevant. Anydvd circumvents protection mechanisms just the same to let you backup your titles, this is no different.

    And on that note, this topic has officially gone too far. Locked.

    Oh and watch the language, I suggest you re-read the forum rules again. I'd start with the first one.

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