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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by MichaelK, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. MichaelK

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    I use CloneDVD mobile to get movies on my AV 504 but when I open the file using Windows Media Player there is audio but no video. Please Help Me.
  2. dtsig

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    I believe as a default media player only supports wmv files.
  3. thooven

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    If the file is an .avi, you may need to download the latest divx release or the latest windows media player. My media player would not play my avi movies, and I had an older version of media player (9.0 I think?). So I went to and downloaded the latest codec, and that fixed my problem.

    I had used cloneDVDmobile to convert the movies using the generic divx option.

    hope this helps!
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    Don't use Windows Media Player, instead use VLC!

    I had the same problem with Win Media Plyr, so I tried VLC and viola! It works for me.

    Moderator, if I can't post a helpful link here, please let me know for the future. Thanks.
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  7. nightwolff70

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    you can also go to and check out the codecs and other files you can get for free to have it play in your windows media player etc.