VHS copy protection? Newbie needs info

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    I just found this site and need some info.
    I have many old VHS Childrens tapes that I would like to move to DVD, to save for future viewing for my families children, in years to come. I would like to know if there was a way to record the VHS tapes to DVD. And what I need to do it and how to do it.
    All the VHS tapes have copy protection and this would be for our own families use. Most of the VHS tapes are Barney, but there are a few others. I have about 15 of these VHS tapes. Could probably get all of them recorded onto 1 DVD?
    Any info about this or where to find info about this would be very helpfull.

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    You can't do this with Anydvd.

    Moving thread to the appropriate forum . . .
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    I've converted numerous VHS tapes to DVD. I've used two methods. Currently,
    I use a VCR hooked up via RCA cables to a Hauppauge USB2 capture card, which is hooked up to my PC via USB2. This card apparently ignores the marcovision and lets me record the video. This capture card encodes via hardware so my capture is mpeg2. All I have to do is then author to dvd.

    A second method that I sometimes use is to hook my VCR to my TRV320 digital video camera and use the digital passthrough via firewire to capture the tape. The digital video camera does the analogy to digital conversion and the passthrough allows me to capture the tape as AVI. Again, this method ignores the macrovision. However, I do have to encode the video to MPEG-2 using this method before authoring to dvd.
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    I can't find the link right ow but there is a $49 box that works for removing Macrovision. I believe it has been posted on this forum before.
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    It is called a digital video stabilizer and all it does is remove macrovision OP would still need to interface to DVD Recorder.
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    Go to Facet DVD. They have a black box that works with DVD player, and VHS recorder.
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    The box I made reference to removes Macrovision and it will interface to any other device that has RCA jack inputs....just like the one that odd_function linked to.
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    Agreed exactly same as that which I have and mentioned, also should say there are a number of devices to change audio to digital or composite to s-vhs, all depends how he wishes to handle signals.
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    Anything else

    As I am also interested in doing the above noted, is there any other workaround without buying the digital video stabilizer? I tried doing a direct copy of some tapes using my Samsung DVD R/VCR, but it comes up with the protection error. I would think that playing it on a VCR directly into a computer input would eliminate the copy protection, but I guess I am mistaken. I was just going to do this using the inputs on my GeForce 4 4600, which I guess would be a waste of time. Any other suggestions without buying special equipment, and having software take care of the protection?