Very slow creating mkv from blu ray.

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Wizard34, Jan 27, 2022.

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    I ripped some blu ray of mine using anydvd and i am using clonebd to convert the blu ray to mkv format however Its taking the blu ray to mkv very slow like 8fps there sitting my hard drive in iso format from anydvd. For say 5 bonus stuff over 5hrs to put into mkv thats not right at all. I know its not my hard drive i checked already for any errors and bad sectors none here is one log of a blu ray im working with. I have clonebd set to not convert anything on audio or video on bonus stuff. Can someone tell me whats going on. This should not take forever on no transcode.

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  2. DQ

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    I can covert UHD disks without conversion (IE lossless) at like 300+ FPS a second even when the source is an ISO on a mechanical hard drive. So you should be able to do about the same.

    Do you perhaps have an AMD GPU?
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    No i have geforce card but i only use that to compress the main movie to mkv to smaller size from the real blu ray in iso. It did go faster for the main movie only but in never compress bonus stuff ever i keep some bonus stuff from my blu rays. I not have cuda on for bonus stuff since i dont compress bonus videos. I first though its resizing them the bonus stuff is in 1080p. But everything is 100% but it said cpu 88% cpu usage 6% cpu other applications 5% my cpu is amd ryzen 3600 and only thing going is chrome as clonebd going.
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    I know with some NIVIDIA and any AMD card if decode acceleration is on it will cause that. For example I have an AMD GPU. It will encode in hardware but if decode is on it will go painfully slow. Maybe try turning of hardware decode in settings just as a test.