Very high CPU usage with ClodeBD???

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Comer, Dec 21, 2014.

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    Hi, I know I have a fairly modest CPU by today's standards (Core 2 Quad 2.67GHz) but the trial version of CloneBD seems to be pushing it to it's limit. I have been using BD Rebuilder up to now to create movie only copies to fit onto BD25 disks and that doews not tax my CPU like this at all:confused: So I'm wondering is this normal or am I doing something wrong. I would like to purchase this software but couldn't see myself switching over to this if it has the potential to fry my CPU :doh: CPU Usage.jpg

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    High CPU is not a bad thing with proper cooling and airflow. It means the program is fully utilizing what your hardware has to offer. As long as your CPU is properly cooled there shouldn't be a problem.

    I'm currently running CloneBD on a system with an Intel Core2Quad Q9550 and an EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Classified. My CPU use is in the 98-100% area on all 4 cores and I'm averaging around 10% on my GPU. Note, that I have DXVA enabled.
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    100% CPU usage is a good thing! Especially when the only program active is CloneBD and the PC is otherwise idle. It means the professor is being used by CloneBD to it's maximum potential. You actually want that happening.

    Bdrb doesn't use 100% because bdrb doesn't do the encoding. It only acts as a GUI for the various tools required and the command lines used. The actual encoding is fine by x264, and x264 does in most cases use 100% of the CPU power. Especially during the second phase of 2 pass encoding. That's normal and a good thing.

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    It failed at 89% saying it couldn't create the iso image...definately not such a good thing.