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    I created an image of Shoot'em up with version and Isobuster Pro 2.3, mounted it with Daemon tools lite and it seems as if some copy protections still remain in the ISO. Is this information accurate?


    When I burn the image to DVD it plays in my stand alone player (PS3), but if I try to go to the next chapter it skips all the way to end of the movie. If I rip the DVD to the hard drive and burn to a DVD, all the menus etc. work ok. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    Wrong section. This is the forum for HD not DVD
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    1. Shoot 'Em Up Region 1 (you need to use Anydvd with the AI scanner set to "deep scan")

    A. Use Anydvd click

    B. Set the AI scanner to "deep scan" (click red fox icon-->Navigate to "Video DVD" then select "Settings" underneath-->on the right select "Deep scan" under "AI Scanner"). Click "ok".

    C. Right click the red fox icon on your toolbar. Select "rip video-dvd to harddisk".

    D. Use whatever program you want on that rip.

    2. click and read fully
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    Thank you for the info and I'm sorry for posting in the wrong forum.
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    OK, I ripped this movie 6 times, with various combinations of,, both using AnyDVD, both using CloneDVD, an attempt at using just windows explorer, etc, and I encounter the same issue with all. Note that I even used DVDFab Platinum beta, and even it has the same issue! OK, here's the issue:

    Go into the "anamatics menu" and play the various selections on the first page with commentary, and in each instance the same clip seems to play, with each showing an elapsed time out of 0 total minutes:seconds (this is in powerDVD).

    I verified that this happens with AnyDVD (both and activated on the physical drive also. Like I said even the DVDFab output does this, so this is indeeed a nasty structure!

    I've attached both zips, renamed to be clear which was produced by which version of AnyDVD (both set at deep scan, though thorough produced same results). I'm giving up on this title after this, though I hope a solution might eventually be found... It might be helpful if someone can confirm this with their copy or with AnyDVD running with the original disc...

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    UPDATE: It appears I've had success with AnyDVD with AI Scanning on the default "Thorough" mode!

    As I had indicated in my previous post, I tried several combinations of AI Scanning settings and ripping solutions with both and and I always achieved the issue with the titles on the first page of the animatics menu didn't work correctly.

    I also forgot to mention that when using either of those versions (with either Deep Scan or Thorough set) in conjunction with CloneDVD, the audio tracks for the “film version” (bullet shaped buttons) titles were missing! If I did a straight rip with AnyDVD Ripper, the audio files were then there, but the issue with the titles on the first animatics menu page remained.

    Here’s my experimentation with version on this title:

    1. I went back to my desktop and did a rip with and CloneDVD. Results: now the titles on the first page of the animatics menu played correctly, but the audio was missing under the “film version” versions for each (on all the animatics menu pages, just like and

    2. I ripped with AnyDVD Ripper on Results: now all features under the animatics menu, including the sound for the “film versions” work fine. Note that I did find it curious that it didn’t offer the same “with commentary/without commentary” screen when playing the film versions, but the original DVD behaves the same way on both the computer and standalone players, so it is they way they authored it. Strange since there is indeed commentary on those tracks…

    The only other issue I saw with the rip is that selecting the Spanish subtitles and playing the film from the setup screen doesn’t seem to enable the Spanish subtitles, but I need to burn the DVD to see if that will behave that way on a standalone player. If this IS the only remaining issue, I can live with it!

    I noticed that both and found 14 potential bad sector protections, whether set to thorough or deep scan. The status windows shows that it found only 11 potential bad sectors on thorough mode (I didn’t try deep scan). So, perhaps 6.3.03 and are too aggressive and removing valid sectors, thus causing the issues with the titles on the first page of the animatics menu? I haven’t combed the logs to compare in detail…

    I’ve attached the LOG I received with (renamed to show the version). It appears that works correctly with this title with AI Scanning on the default level. Perhaps the fixes introduced in broke the previous code that seems to work with this title, and the break persists as of I’m glad I keep my old versions…

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  7. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Thank you, this was very helpful!
  8. fordman

    fordman Well-Known Member

    Sure! Helping you ends up helping us all in the end.

    In addition to the CloneDVD issues with the audio optimzation routine in Ratatouille, it appears there may be additional issues with CloneDVD in removing the audio on those titles I mentioned...however, unlike Ratatouille where it happened with the full CloneDVD or with the CloneDVD engine of the AnyDVD Ripper, this one seems isolated to the full CloneDVD application.

    BTW, as a reminder if you were unable to get the region 1 Ratatouille for analysis and I may be able to help out.

    So, I'm a "happy camper" with Shoot 'Em Up now, and AnyDVD has bested DVDFab! I'll burn it tonight to verify it behaves as expected in standalone players.
  9. HAMsmoke

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    Why "bested" - using DVD FAb latest beta, Shoot 'Em Up works fine in Clone mode. I also compared the DVDFab Full Disc rip to AnyDVD 6306 rip (deep scan) and to your suggested 6301 rip (thorough - default). While the 6306 rip (compared to DVDFab) shows about 300 meg short in VOB 8, the 6301 rip is identical to the DVDFab rip, at least sizewise.

    Your posts regarding this were excellent, and I don't think I would have gone this far back to check.
  10. Rusty257

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    "I don't think I would have gone this far back to check"

    Loyalty to a product that works!
  11. fordman

    fordman Well-Known Member

    I must admit that I only use full disc mode of DVDFab because (1) at least when I first purchased it as a fallback to AnyDVD, the clone mode was an issue that the author recognized, (2) I don't have two DVD devices installed in the same computer, and I was under the impression that it was a requirement to use clone mode, i.e. drive to drive (but I see the FAQ states you can output to an ISO file), and (3) I have doubts about whether it is a true sector to sector copy that would retain the original layer break position like AnyDVD/CloneCD will, or alternately could be re-mastered correctly with ImgBurn. I state the 3rd reason because it appears that it is using the VSO burning engine. Even CloneDVD does not make ISOs with a valid layer break point for opposite track path dual layer recording (ImgBurn verifies this). So, perhaps I should reconsider the Clone mode, but I'm at a loss to explain how the output is different in Clone mode (which seems to really be a remastering) than in Full Disc mode. AnyDVDs operation as a system level device driver inspires confidence in making true 1:1 sector based copy...

    All I can say is that in full disc rip mode, DVDFab Platinum did the same audio removal on the "film version" animatics that CloneDVD did in conjunction with AnyDVD. So, from my perspective, AnyDVD was the ONLY solution that worked (and I even tried RipIt4Me, which now appears to be officially useless on these new protection schemes....).

    AnyDVD or the ripper engine also seems to be a bit better at cleaning up the protection remnants. For example on WAR, DVDFab shortened but left the invalid titlesets in place, while AnyDVD completed the job by deleting them entirely. In most cases PGCEdit's "delete unused titlesets" can correct DVDFab’s output to get rid of these. When using PGCEdit or IFOEdit to view the resulting cell structure, it does seem that DVDFab appears to clean up the structure a bit more than AnyDVD....for instance, invalid cells are show as having 0 duration in the DVDFab output, but usually they are left showing 15 frames in AnyDVD output. It makes the total title length slightly longer in the AnyDVD output, but I've never had an issue burning or playing back the resulting DVD.

    This was an example (at least when ripping to disc) that illustrated that DVDFab has similar issues with the new protections, and therefore my money for a cleaner (protection remnants stripped) copy is on AnyDVD.

    Thanks. I had given up at 3:30 am this morning, and when I got up I decided to give this one last shot, and the iteration showed promise, and then Ripper hit the sweet it fortuitous happenstance!
  12. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Thanks. Rewriting stickies . . .
  13. fordman

    fordman Well-Known Member

    Looks good - maybe mention the use of Thorough mode for the AI Scanner.

    With regard to your query on (2) regarding Ratatouille, I can say that thorough versus deep scan on the previous AnyDVD versions didn't make a difference, and since James troubleshot the issue to the CloneDVD code (either full app or AnyDVD Ripper engine), I doubt that would have fixed it. I imagine working with Elby for CloneDVD updates might take a bit longer, but I'll give it another go with set at "deep scan." stay tuned...
  14. Webslinger

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    Yeah, there's a long standing layer break issue with Clonedvd that Elby is working on (I think).
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  15. James

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    I believe you can delay this test for a future version... :eek:
  16. dude2063

    dude2063 Well-Known Member

    Bad disc's or new protection?

    I believe this is a new protection method and not filed within the CSS protection results. I've just updated to ADVD6.3.0.6 rebooted and copied the movie just fine. You should remove #23 trailer or it will play 8 times upon entering the disc. Not a problem.
    NERO shows it to be an almost 100 bad disc. And wouldn't copy unless using the update. AI on deep scan. I didn't try the default scan.

    I'll bet B U will work now without any problems. WS format that is?????
  17. fordman

    fordman Well-Known Member

    OK, thanks for saving me the effort for now. If/when you get the dvd and have a chance to experiment, I'd be interested in knowing if you were able to reproduce my observations... :)
  18. fordman

    fordman Well-Known Member

    dude2063, if I deciphered correctly what you wrote, you are claiming that worked fine on "Shoot 'Em Up" for you? You say it copied fine. If your measure of success is that it successfully finished the rip without errors, then all the versions copied fine for me also. However, have you tried each and every special feature and trailer? You indicate that a trailer plays 8 times in a row, which didn't happen to me. I've gone through each and every special feature on the rip that I made with with AI set to thorough, and all are working as good as the original, with the possible exception of the Spanish subtitles, but I need to burn that to be sure - might be an issue with PowerDVD running it from the hard drive.

    Anyway, please verify that all your features work as intended with your rip. That would be valuable information.
  19. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    Yes, The Number 23 (Title 21) trailer is an issue but there are more problems than that. The Animatics also have confirmed issues with beta with the default settings for AnyDVD.
  20. fordman

    fordman Well-Known Member

    UPDATE: OK, I can confirm that a DVDFab Clone Mode does indeed work for this title, but retains the structure protection remnants (like showing 11+ GB of files in VIDEO_TS), as I imagine AnyDVD/CloneCD would in making an image. However I am sure that my DVDFab full disc mode rip is NOT identical to my AnyDVD rip - the sound tracks for the "filmed version" anamatic titles work fine with the AnyDVD rip, but are totally missing on the DVDFab full disc rip. So my experience shows that to get a complete copy that is clean of all structure protection remnants, the only current solution is AnyDVD (Note that I didn't try, so I cannot advise whether that version might work - I went right from to and then to

    I also verified that was successful on my lapotop computer running Windows Visa (the previous test was on my desktop, running XP Pro SP2), so it was not a fluke...