Verbatim Dual Layer DVD

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    Does anyone know a site that ships them to Canada and is like $2 a disk or around there I cant find one site that ships to Canada
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    I think Futureshop carries them in Canada. I hear they have pretty impressive sales on them from time to time.

    Also and should carry them as well.

    But when Futureshop has sales, people have posted online that the prices can sometimes go as low as $1 a disc.
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  3. ace2001

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    Thanks webslinger. Futureshop did have really good sale on them a while ago but need some more and to exspensive now trying to find place that is somewhat cheap but always same price
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    Newegg has 20pk Verbatim D/L for $32.99 + $4.99 S&H = $37.98 -$8.00 rebates = $29.98. For those that are willing to pay about $1.50 per disc.
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