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    I had trouble with Open Season and Saw 3 back a while ago, so I upgraded to the newest version of AnyDVD at the time AnyDVD, thats what I still have now; I have had no problems until the recent Venture Bros Season 2 box set that came out last week, I used AnyDVD and CloneCD to make a Duel Layer exact copy of the two discs in the set, it seemed to burn fine, then I went to play it and its protected, the files are on the disc, but no DVD player can read em. I'll try the upgrade to and see if that helps, hopefully it does. When I put the "burned but protected" DL discs I made into CloneDVD2 just to check if the files were in fact on the discs, (thats where I found that they were in fact on the disc just DVD players couldn't read em), CloneDVD spent a while "repairing" the files on the DVD. Finally it reached 100%, I wonder if i could have burned the DVDs then, if CloneDVD had "fixed" the protection, of if the new burns i would make would do the same thing? I never saw CloneDVD do that before? Anyway, hopefully the new version of AnyDVD will fix that problem anyway.
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    Yeah, update Anydvd.

    Use Verbatim +R DL only (made in Singapore), and change the booktype to "dvd-rom" if your burner supports bitsetting.

    Follow this guide step by step
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    Well I updated to the new AnyDVD, and tried to use CloneCD, since that does the 1:1 DL burn, but it did the same thing, when it goes in the player, spins a long time, then i got subtitles only. no picture, no sound, just subtitles, and I can skip through them like i would with chapters, so i am trying to burn disc one of the set again with CloneDVD2 instead of CloneCD, I could view the movie in the little "player preview window", so hopefully it will do it this way, otherwise ill post again. I am using SONY DVD+R DL, I havent had a problem with them before, using the same set-up and the old AnyDVD I burned Doctor Who Season One and Teen Titans Seasons One and Two just fine, they play great. I even used Memorex ones my first time out and Nero made a mess of those, but AnyDVD + CloneCD made perfect copies of Freaks and Geeks and Trailor Park Boys, so these Sonys should be working.

    i have a Plextor PX-740A burner. I do not know where to change the burner to "booktype" or what that would do? Can my burner do that? Is that in AnyDVD or is that a burner setting? Anyway, ill let you know if it worked this time around or not, thanks!
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    Your Plextor drive should have come with a disc that among other things has PlexTools software. You can set the booktype with that software.

    The first rewritable DVD format released was DVD- and the original standalones players, as a result, should work with fine with DVD- discs but there may be some compatibility issues with some standalone players for DVD+ discs. By setting the booktype to DVD-ROM you are lessening the chance there may be a incompatibility with some standalone players.
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    Use Verbatim +R DL (made in Singapore) only

    That way you don't have to guess whether you used MKM (good) or Ritek (horrible).
    And chances are yours are Ritek.

    But if you want to be certain use
    try and

    Pointless. Doesn't matter. Use Verbatim +R DL (made in Singapore) only

    Sony doesn't make its own +R DL media, and all the Sony+R DL I've seen lately made by Ritek.
    For that price, you may as well buy Memorex if you want inferior media.

    If your Sony +R DL is MKM, then I take it back.

    These are Ritek (ugh).

    No. Use Verbatim +R DL (made in Singapore) only

    Ensure you're using the latest firmware:

    Use Plextools.
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    Well it worked with CloneDVD2 now!? So i have disc One done. Not with CloneCD though!? So I guess all I lost was two DL discs :) Don't know why it did that, but yeah I'll get the Verbatim discs and look into the booktype thing maybe then CloneCD will work too, (I just got the Sony's cause they were like 29 bucks for 25 compared to Verbatim being like 69.99 for 25), I have Plextools installed already i just don't use it so that should be easy, it will burn a CD on my old plextor drive thats still installed, and will read audio data from a CD onto the hard drive from the PX-740A, but wont burn a CD of those audio tracks, so maybe that firmware update will help with that, thanks you guys have been a help! :bowdown: Thats why i love forums, best way to talk to the experts! :)
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    Ritek +R DL (sold under Sony and Memorex brand names) are not consistently good and vary in quality even within the same spindle. So I would expect to get some bad discs. In fact, I would not consider that to be unusual at all.

    The booktype settings are found within Plextools (under "drive settings" and then the "Advanced" tab"). Ensure
    "change booktype for dvd+R DL" is enabled.
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