VC1 transcoding?

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    Is there a more user friendly program than VC1conv, to transcode VC1 video streams? I'm not to good when it comes to working in DOS. Thanks in advance for anyhelp.
  2. musicman2311

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    Hello - what do you mean by 'transcoding' ?

    vc1conv changes flags in a bitstream only to make it blu ray compliant.

    PNYBOY Member

    Okay. Is there a program, other than vc1conv, that changes flags in a bitstream only to make it blu ray compliant?
  4. musicman2311

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    hi - i am not entirely sure, but eac3to could do it and also tsmuxer
  5. Fernando

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    eac3to is a tool that as the name states "converts E-AC3, TrueHD, PCM, DTS-HD and FLAC tracks to AC3/DTS/FLAC."

    What that has to do with VC-1, a video codec is beyond me.


    mencoder is able to decode VC-1 and can convert it to any other video format that mencoder supports.
  6. musicman2311

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    just wanted to help... here anextract from eac3to's tool page under command line options
    "...-stripPulldown strips the pulldown when demuxing VC-1 tracks"...

    ps - vc1conv works fine
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    Presumably vc1conv is useless when trying to change a vc-1 file from a bluray to one which will stream to a ps3?

    (Apologies if this is seen as off topic)
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    This is way off topic for the AnyDVDhd forum.:policeman: