Valerian Blu Ray issue

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  1. D.Sollish

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    using 8.2.04 when ripping first half of disk is fine, during the second half the video and audio are out of sync, i.e. audio from different chapters plays during video. when playing disc without ripping disc plays correctly.

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    That's not possible, not with AnyDVD at least. AnyDVD only rips 1:1 and cannot cause sync issues. Sync issues are created by some form of encoding and anydvd can't do that. You need to consult your encoding tool
  3. Harry Potter

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    If it's any help, Valerian, Hitman's Bodyguard and most recently Stronger are all releases by Lionsgate.
    They are proving to be somewhat of a challenge, as they are using more and more 'playlist obstruification', basically the playlists are deliberately being mixed up.
    More and more releases are getting harder to work out the correct playlist and a lot of these are being released using the wrong playlist, in which case you will see the errors you get.
    The only way to fix this is find a group that has found the correct playlist then load that playlist into tsmuxr and build a Bluray ISO from it.
    During the conversion you will see 'overlapping frames' being removed and at the time during the film it found them.
    Mount the iso and just check you've got everything in the right order and no copyright warnings at the times it found the frames then burn to disc.
    The best you will get with all of the above is the main movie, if you're going to try and recreate the front end menu -good luck, no one else has managed it yet!
    Cinavia was a piece of cake compared to what Lionsgate are doing now :)

    Ps I don't work for Redfox so please don't reply to this as I probably won't see it :)
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    The 'playlist mixing up' is nothing new that's called 'screenpass protection'.

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  5. Harry Potter

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    No, but the 'Overlapping frames' are a new issue, they cause the messages to come up, but you are right however without the correct playlist the originator of this thread will obviously get the problems whatever you wish to call them, its just semantics really
  6. Xirion

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    Oh... I haven't found any of these issues that seems to be plaguing people... using and no problems at all...
  7. Adbear

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    He already has the correct playlist in his log and that will show in the status window of AnyDVD.

    I have Valerian and the Hitmans bodyguard and have used AnyDVD to make full disc backups with menu's and MKV's with no issues..

    The Op doesn't say what he is using to rip with but I suspect whatever it is is messing things up as even using obfuscated playlists shouldn't give the wrong audio from a different chapter it just swaps the chapters around including the audio
  8. The Don

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    I have a copy of Valerian from Netflix. I copied it but aways into the movie I get a screen popup that says "Copy Detected" with a black screen with background music playing. The part of the copy that played was crystal clear and sharp. So I did a search here and found out about ScreenPass Protection. I created a log file and upload to see if you guru's can find whats going on. Thanks for your time.

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  9. Pete

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    How did you copy it and how are you playing it back? (Which copy tool, to what format and which player)
  10. The Don

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    I am using AnyDVD HD, CloneBD for one copy and Blue Cloner for another copy, movie only, and stand alone Sylvania BluRay Player.
    Both copies had the "Copy Detected" screen.