v1.1.6.0 and Nokia N800 - no go

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  1. I was excited to see the Nokia N800 added to the list for CloneDVD Mobile v1.1.6.0.

    Unfortunately, a conversion to that format doesn't work.

    The original VOBs were ripped using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 (all current releases). Using CloneDVD Mobile's default settings for the Nokia N800, the resulting 332MB .mp4 file produced a "File format not supported" message in the native N800 Media Player, an "error" message in Canola and froze MPlayer.

    Any ideas? Suggestions?

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    Clone DVD Mobile N800 Problem

    Clone DVD Mobile does not produce a file that works on the Nokia N800.

    I selected Nokia and N800 from the initial menu. Settings are as follows--Resolution=320x180; Video Quality=36; Estimated Output File Size=569MB, 607Kbps; Deinterlace=Y; and 1 pass. The output is an MP4 file that plays on the PC using QuickTime and VLC. It will not run at all using the standard media player on the N800. The output file freezes on the first frame when played on the N800 using mplayer.

    Do you have any suggestions?:D

    I suggest modifying Clone DVD Mobile to support a resolution of 400x240 for the N800. See the settings used by the maemo media converter software (download for Windows XP from http://mediaconverter.garage.maemo.org/Media Converter.html). It supports both the Nokia N770 and N800. Other default settings used by this software at 400x240 (High Quality) for the N800 are a video bit rate of 512kbps and an audio bit rate of 64kbps.

    I would be happy to help test any changes.

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    Clone DVD Mobile N800 Problem

    I to have the same issues - works great with my Vision M but cannot get Clone DVD Mobile to work with my N800. A pity as it's an excellent program:clap:
    Maybe the settings suggested by the previous poster will work?
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    Clone DVD Mobile N800 Problem

    Hello, I just purchased CloneDVD Mobile and Nokia N800, and am running into the same issue as has been reported in Novemeber 07 on this forum i.e The file produced by CloneDVD Mobile does not work on the N800. This is quite disappointing, I never checked these forums before purchasing the software, and now I wish I had. Does anyone know if a solution exists for this?

    Slysoft support, do you have any solution for the N800? Its indicated as being a supported mobile device but thats not the case as is evident from this thread.
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    You could try this:
    Two step conversion seems to be the norm nowadays.