v1.1.5.1 AMZ Subtitles wrong timing

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by nochzunennen, Jun 9, 2021 at 8:14 AM.

  1. nochzunennen

    nochzunennen Active Member

    It seems that start- and endpoint are the same

    Hawaii Five-0 S05E01

    00:01:07,067 --> 00:01:07,067
    Wir sind jetzt seit drei Jahren
    00:01:08,402 --> 00:01:08,402
    00:42:56,493 --> 00:42:56,493
    Ihr Bruder nahm mir etwas weg,
    00:42:58,996 --> 00:42:58,996
    und Sie helfen mir,
    es zurückzubekommen.

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  2. Xander

    Xander Well-Known Member

    Have you grabbed the subs outside of AS?
    just to make sure its not the subs them self
  3. nochzunennen

    nochzunennen Active Member

    Within AS

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  4. FannyTastic

    FannyTastic Member

    I have a similar problem. Subs from Amazon Prime works fine with so I reverted back to that version since I have no problems with it.
  5. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

    Thanks for pointing this out! Will handle it for the next release.

    However, are netflix subs working OK?
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  6. shower08

    shower08 Member

    disney plus french subtitles is also (Wrong timing) shifted under version beta
  7. nochzunennen

    nochzunennen Active Member

    The same with netflix.

    District 9

    00:00:46,755 --> 00:00:46,755
    Attention, Mr. Hayes
    00:00:48,590 --> 00:00:48,590
    your wife is waiting
    at the station.
    01:44:32,015 --> 01:44:32,015
    And it couldn't possibly
    come from him.
    01:44:34,726 --> 01:44:34,726
    I know it's true.

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  8. TheMulder2021

    TheMulder2021 Member

    disney plus fi subtitles is also (Wrong timing) shifted under version beta
  9. zanetti

    zanetti Well-Known Member

    had the exact same problem with one of the seasons of key&peele on paramount+ over at prime. when i loaded season in my browser and hit play, i confirmed its their problem, not AS'. also, snagged the same season subtitles via a greasemonkey script and same thing as with subs fetched via AS. but now i see others are having problems with other channels and providers... if it were only prime, id say get used to it since prime and its channels more often than not did a truly shoddy job with subtitles.
  10. StevenIvan

    StevenIvan Member

    All subtitles on all services are wrong. (sigh .. I just downloaded 3 seasons of a TV show too). Check your string.writer format (or whatever you are using to format the output) :p Looks like the same value is being passed to start/end times by mistake.
  11. Lowpro

    Lowpro Well-Known Member

    Well I'm not seeing that it's Amazon's problem. (I don't subscribe to Netflix or Disney+.) I run both Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 10 64-bit on my laptop. I've got AnyStream (32-bit) installed within Windows 7. I've got AnyStream (64-bit) installed within Windows 10. I downloaded 10 episodes of a TV show with AnyStream (32-bit) the other day. This was just prior to AnyStream (64-bit) becoming available. Every external SRT that downloaded is fine. None of the captions contain the same start and end times, each caption timed properly when playing the given video.

    Now for the last couple days I've been logged in to Windows 10. I downloaded the remaining 22 episodes of the TV show with AnyStream (64-bit). I checked just now. Every external SRT that downloaded, every caption has the same start and end time. That being said, I just logged back in to Windows 7 and downloaded the same episodes using AnyStream (32-bit). Well, I aborted the given download the moment the SRT fully downloaded which happens first. Every SRT file checked out fine. None of the captions contain the same start and end times, each caption timed properly when playing the given video.
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  12. DeepSpace

    DeepSpace Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the report. I dl'ed a show on Amz without subtitles till today, but right know I've got a movie from NF and the subtitles have the same start and the same end too.
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  13. StevenIvan

    StevenIvan Member

    I just reverted to and can confirm that SRT's are formed as expected.

    If I remember right, the devs were looking at a reported bug where preceding zeros were being dropped in subtitles, this probably came out of that.

    Sucks about the episode downloads though. I just downloaded 44 episodes of a show and all the SRT are broke. Not a HUGE deal, but given that amazon just expired some 1400 movies at the last second today (10 hours left), I'm not gonna go back and burn credits for just the SRT until later :)
  14. DeepSpace

    DeepSpace Well-Known Member

    From what I heared in this forum it is possible to download the subtitles using your browser. I don't know how or anything, but this way you wouldn't burn any token and avoid several broken video files to delete.
  15. Lowpro

    Lowpro Well-Known Member

    There are numerous websites out there dedicated to hosting subtitle tracks. Subscene would be one example. It can be more trouble than it's worth sometimes though as you then have to spend time syncing the subtitle track with the stream you've downloaded. Subtitle Edit offers some advanced features in this regard, but often times those features don't even help. It's been very hit or miss for me, so I personally don't even bother. If the subtitle downloaded by AnyStream is junk I just don't bother with the subtitles at all so. Your results may vary of course.
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  16. towboat

    towboat Active Member

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  17. PeterS

    PeterS Member

    My English isn't so good, I'm sorry. But I will try ...

    Just an additional problem with the subtitles:
    Beginning- and endingtime are the same, and (!) ever and ever are errors in form of wrong timestamps instead the right ones.

    For example disney-A Teacher_S01E05_Episode 5.de.srt:

    00:02:58,636 --> 00:02:58,636
    Ein selbst gekochtes Essen.

    00:02:02,682 --> 00:03:02,682
    Nachdem Mom starb,
    ging Dad immer mit uns zu McDonald's.

    00:03:05,101 --> 00:03:05,101
    Meine Mom war die beste Köchin.​

    By 41 the first time isn't the same as the endtime and (!) that it is why the first time in 41 is now before the time in 40!

    That gives subsequent faults by muxing (MKVToolNix GUI version: 57.0.0).

    I hope it was understandable?

  18. Any chance we could get an option to keep the (raw, xml, whatever) subtitle file in addition to the SRT or muxed-in version?
    Subtitle processing seems fragile, there have been a few bugs, not everyone uses them, and even as a user of them I don't always turn them on or notice a bug immediately.

    I'd always keep the ~100-500k file so that when problems happen I can toss together a sed or python script. For example the bug. The risk of subtitle problems is most of what now makes me hesitate to upgrade.

    The semi-related feature is a version number variable for file naming. Currently I manually stick a string like "as1151" in my file naming pattern so when there are bugs I can quickly figure out what was affected.
  19. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

    Thank you all for your reports.
    The fix will be out with the next release.
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  20. MCalca1706

    MCalca1706 Well-Known Member

    My problem with subtitles in the last few versions of Any Stream is that they play on the computer but not on Samsung Smart TV's. I used to be able to fix this with VLC Player or Power DVD but this no longer works.
    The setting is on external subtitles since I could never get the embedded to work. I am still using Using 64 Bit with Windows 10 because everything else seems to wok well and because of all the reported problems with higher versions. There are no TV subtitles on Prime, Disney, or Netflix

    Does anybody else, using Any Stream with 1140 or higher versions, been able to play subtitles on a Samsung TV and any changes (if any ) needed to make the subtitles play on a TV?

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