uverse - record from dvr to a dvd???

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by kpflounder, Sep 15, 2007.

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    I have AT&T Uverse with a DVR, model Motorola VIP1215 w/ dvr. I need to record shows onto dvd for homeschooling. I can't find a forum with the how to - unless its very written in technical lingo.
    I also have a home theater system Sony DAV HDX265. I run sound thru this - can probably run video as well.
    Does anyone know how to record from dvr to dvd - and explain it please in basic english?
    Please and thankyou!
  2. Rich86

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    Copying recorded programs off a dvr

    In my system (which is not based on a Motorola dvr), the dvr unit has analog outputs (left/right audio, and composite & s-video for video) which can be connected to a recording device. There is an option in the dvr activated via the remote which tells it to "copy to vcr". This causes the selected previously recorded program to be run out to whatever device is connected to the outputs mentioned above. The connected device could also be most any device which has these type inputs - a standalone dvd recorder, or even a capture device connected to a computer. I've tested this using a super vhs vcr via the s-video connectors and left/right analog audio and it works just fine.

    So - start by checking out your dvr unit to see what connectors and options are available to you.
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    I have a Panasonic DVD Recorder that I have attached my dvr to. Just like recording on VHS, just using a DVD recorder instead.

    I hope this is basic english enough for you.

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    I have the same problem , so how did you fix problem
  5. Wydo

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    Make sure that you set the DVR to 480i or 480p out. Try 480i first then try the 480p out.