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    Thanks in advance for the help. I have been using Clone DVD mobile with great success with my PSP. I received an Archos 704 wi-fi for a gift and have a few questions. I tried searching the forum first with limited success. First, when I transfer the movies to the Archos, they transfer as .avi files with no title to the root download folder in the Archos. I then have to go into the unit from the computer and cut/copy and rename them into the video folder on the Archos. Is there a way to transfer directly into the video folder? Second, the files average about 1.6 gb for a two hour movie, this seems like a lot to me. I don't plan on viewing the movies on my T.V. so any advice to make the files smaller without a big difference on a 7" screen would be appreciated as well. I am also planning on transferring some T.V. programs from my DVR to the unit. I have the travel DVR kit, but haven't used it, I will gladly take any advice or tips.
    I am not a wiz with the computer, but can get around, so keep that in mind if you will. I get lost with discussions of changing .ini files codes, etc.:doh:
    Once again thanks to all who respond and if any one who has one of these units that can point me to a similar type forum for the Archos..then :bowdown::bowdown:
    Thank you,
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    I got one Too

    I also got an Archos 704 WiFi. I really like it! I have both AnyDVD and Clone DVD mobile installed on my computer. I rip all of the DVD's I want to my computer's hard drive for storage and put them onto the Archos as needed. Be very careful that you do not make a file greater than 2GB as the archos uses FAT32 and 2GB files are not supported.

    As far as getting the files smaller just use the video quality slider in the final page of CloneDVD mobile and adjust to the required size. I could not tell a difference between a movie ripped to 1.99 GB and the same movie ripped to 1GB.

    I did not get the DVR station as I am working on trying to get shows off of my DirecTV DVR (newest generation with lots of security). Eventually someone will figure out how to do it. If you are lucky enough to have a newer Dish Network DVR, Archos has a plug in available for free that will allow you to transfer your shows directly to your Archos.

    Post any other questions you may have about it.