Using Toshiba HD DVD PLAYER software v4.20.16

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  1. funkymikeb

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    Using Toshiba HD DVD PLAYER software v4.20.16 for HD playback from hard disk

    Anyone got much experience with the above software that comes with my Toshiba Full-HD laptop (Qosmio G40).

    All HD DVDs play fine when run from the drive.

    I've ripped Van Helsing, 300 and Troy (all region 2) with AnyDVD, all with no errors.

    The ripped Van Helsing plays fine with menus. Troy has no menus but the film plays fine.

    300 just won't play though no errors are reported. The software just does nothing.
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  2. funkymikeb

    funkymikeb New Member

    I was hoping someone might throw some light as to whether this is expected or why different successfully ripped HD DVDs behave differently.
  3. LINUS

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    Isn't that just a reduced version of WinDVD8?
  4. funkymikeb

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    Don't think so. I'll dig deeper but to quote:

    "WinDVD 8 Platinum supports the playback of many high-definition video formats (H.264, VC1, HD MPEG-2, and WMV-HD etc…) but it does not support the playback of HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc."
  5. Adbear

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    there are versions of windvd 8 that do play back blu-ray and hd-dvd, I've seen versions on the Sony Viao that comes with a Blu-ray writer
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    Toshiba player

    What video does your Toshiba come with; ATI, Intel or Nvidia?

    Will it play HD-DVD's with AnyDVD loaded?

    Did it ship with a recovery disc?

    If so can you zip up the player folder from it and make it available for a download? I know that the Toshiba install wont work on a non Toshiba system but there are known work arounds for this.
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