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    I have been told by an IT friend of mine that sony put anti-ripping software in every one of its computers. When I initially purchased the slysoft product it was working perfectly (over two years ago). Now, I can't burn a single dvd. I keep recieving 'bad media' error messages, even though i am using good quality sony dvd's. This happened to me before, when I used to use decrypter and shrink once the new dvd codings came out and it was no longer usefull. Not sure whether it is the anydvd/clone dvd combo which is the problem, or whether sony has placed a software into the computer which is causing the problem. Below are the ways which i have tried to rip/burn:

    1. any dvd/ clone dvd
    2. any dvd rip to hard drive/ shrink 3.2
    3. any dvd " " " " / decrypter
    4. any dvd/ nero recode

    None of these have worked. Also, could it be the fact that ny computer is 3 yrs. old. Would changing the dvd-r drive fix the problem?

    Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

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    The PC is not the problem. There is no "anti-ripping" software built into it.
    Have you tried a different brand of media? At 3 yrs. old, it is a also possible that your DVDRW is failing.
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    dvd media

    have used tdk, sony, and memorex. All are presently giving the same results.
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    Try Verbatims or Tys and make sure your firmware is up to date.