Using Eac3toac3 Audio Converter???

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    For those of you who have taken your HD DVD rips and put them into an .m2ts container, and converted the audio using Eac3toac3, how do you actually do it. I purchased the xbox 360 hd dvd drive last night, took my copy of The Perfect Storm (which has both Truehd and Dobly Digital Plus), and then used TSremux to convert the .evo files to .m2ts. I want to play the files on my Tvix 4100, but of course all I get is video becuase the Tvix 4100 can't decode or pass through these hi def audio streams. I then downloaded Eac3toac3 and extracted the zip file and tried to open the program and all that happens is a command line black screen flashed for a split second and then nothing. So, those of you smarter than me (which is hopefully many of you) what is the precise method of using this audio conveter, and then putting the converted audio stream back into my .m2ts movie file? I have spent some time over at doom9 and many times they are talking over my head. Could someone who has used this tool be as simple as possible with how to use it. Great thanks to anyone who can help.
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    There's a thread about this on doom9, and even a gui you can download
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    I did just discover the gui download. And, as I said, I can't seem to really understand the doom9 discussion of this tool. Maybe I haven't read enough. Anyway, assuming I am successful at converting the DD+/TrueHD audio track to AC3, how do I put this new AC3 audio track back into my movie-does TSremux do it, do I need something else, ect?