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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by cablegi2000, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. cablegi2000

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    I am looking to SlySoft, after 8-12 months of trial and error for a worht while DVD back-up burning program. I need you guys you own CloneDVD and AnyDVD to let me know what you think of it. How long have you owned it,how many times have you used it,if any then how many problems have you had,how well do you like it,what do you like about it, ETC.... I would appreciate your help, time and advice. Thanks so much for anything you have to offer...:bowdown:
  2. GreenHead

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    I have owned then since May of 06. I have ANYDVD, CloneDVD2, and CloneMobile. I use them 2 or 3 times a week. I have had a few disks with bad spots that skip. I had a problem with the last update but got it worked out in a day. I would highly recommend the products. You can not beat the full working trial version. You know exactly what you are getting. Very easy to use products.
  3. cablegi2000

    cablegi2000 Well-Known Member

    Please Help! Reviews Needed!


    I am looking to SlySoft, after 8-12 months of trial and error for a worht while DVD back-up burning program. I need you guys you own CloneDVD and AnyDVD to let me know what you think of it. How long have you owned it,how many times have you used it,if any then how many problems have you had,how well do you like it,what do you like about it, ETC.... I would appreciate your help, time and advice. Thanks so much for anything you have to offer... :bowdown:
  4. DetroitBaseball

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    I've owned AnyDVD since September of 2005. CloneDVD officially for a few weeks, but I have used it before that on a trial. I have had no problems with either, which is amazing. I like the programs because they do what they're supposed to, and are easy to use. And the forum provides great support in case any problems were to arise.
  5. mmdavis

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    Slysoft Products

    I have owned CloneDVD, AnyDVD and CloneCD for a few months. I have had no major problems. There have been a couple of updates of AnyDVD that weren't quite up to par, but Slysoft was quick (within 24 hours) to put out another update to correct the issue. CloneDVD and CloneCD are extremely easy to use software for a beginner, and also has enough "options" that even the very knowledgeable can use it for things that beginners wouldn't.
  6. Webslinger

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    I have purchased the entire Slysoft set of programs 3 times for my home use. Pretty much says it all . . .
    I also bought the entire set for friends and family (as presents).

    Please do not post multiple threads on the exact same topic. Thank you
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  7. purplexed

    purplexed Well-Known Member

    I have never used other programs, but I have friends that claim they use 3 or 4 other programs... mixing and matching to find the right combination that will actually work.

    I use 2..

    And not once found a disc that would not copy... Sure I might get one that has new protections, but I simply email the needed files to the support team, and within hours most of the time they have me test out a beta version to ensure it works before updating all their members...

    Top of the line here... if you buy the programs, you will get your money's worth...

    ;) Hope this helps..
  8. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    I don't use CloneDVD but I have used AnyDVD for a couple of years with no problems.
  9. jjanoch

    jjanoch Well-Known Member

    Not sure exactly when I bought it, but I know I have been using the Slysoft products for well over a year...maybe 2? For the most part problem free, and happy with the quick action when problems do pop up.

    Before finding these products I had tried the DvDShrink which was ok, but not being supported has me concerned to I looked for something else.

    Bought DVD Xcopy, but they are shutdown with no support.

    Also tried another product which has slipped my mind, but he also was sued and turned over his website to the lawyers.

    While there are many other options of programs out there, I think the Slysoft combo is the best & easiest available option for someone who just wants a few click back-up.

    I am satisfied with the end product without dealing with removing the "previews" and "extras" other things many people remove to reduce the required compression. Once in a while a DVD will look "blocky" but I am not viewing on HDTV or anything.
  10. carolinamoons

    carolinamoons Well-Known Member

    Slysoft rocks

    I have owned all the slysoft products for about 1 year now and i think it is very user friendly and works great.I have made about 600 backups of my movies from xxx to kids movies and in the entire time i have only had one xxxmovie that would not burn and i firmly believe that it is because the original disc was defective.When i first started backing up my movie collection i tried using the free programs out there but had nothing but problems.Then i finaly broke down and bought the slysoft bundle package for $70.00 and wished that i had bought it to begin with.Your programs are very user friendly and simple to use so all in all i am extremly pleased with slysoft products and highly recomend them to all my friends and anyone that i talk to.And further more the free lifetime updates are great too, so keep up the great work!SLYSOFT ROCKS!!!They are the dvd backup gods!!!:bowdown:
  11. nwasend

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    I Love Slysoft. I've been using their products since 2005. I wish I found it before I spent around $150 for 321 Studio Xcopy Platinum which always put in a warning before playing a DVD and of course went under within a couple of weeks :mad:

    AnyDVD is one my favorite programs, and I even upgraded to AnyDVD HD even though I didn't have a drive and software. I trust them enough to see what ever products they release is a win-win and I buy it regardless if I need it or not. (I eventually do use it)

    You know those radio commercials with those car-cash guys, used to play them on 92.3 K-Rock when Howard Stern was on. Well here it goes...

    I'm in love with those Slysoft guys! :agree:
  12. lordvader

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    I have been using Slysoft, since early last year! Let me honestly tell you that I have been truly impressed! I experiment with alot of software( install and uninstall)and slysoft is amongst the top! There are many great backup programs out there and alot of bad ones too! Everyone claims to be able to backup any movie(not true!) Let me give you an example! I spent alot of money buying ICOPYDVDS2 and together with AnyDVD it worked great ! Till MADAGASCAR! It always froze (error) . I was so frustrated till I eventually decided to try AnyDVD with Shrink and sure enough it worked! My expensive ICOPYDVDS2 today is not very useful to me! That's the thing about buying expensive boxed software, they soon become outdated! Slysoft is constantly updating their software to meet the most modern ENCRYTIONS! Movies are becoming more and more challenging to copy and Slysoft constantly keeps up with the challenge. Don't get me wrong, Slysoft's not the only ones that can copy modern DVDS. There are alot of other software I would recommended! RIPIT4ME together with SHRINK and DVDDecypter or IMGBURN is a wicked combo! The average movie takes over an hour, sometimes two ! These software can get complicated if your not sure how to use it! The same exact job can take twenty minutes with SLYSOFT! I would highly recommend SLYSOFT, because of the simplicity, speed, updates and the very helpful customer service! You pay a onetime small fee for a lifetime of benefits! Hope this helps!
  13. jimswin

    jimswin New Member

    the first Slysoft program I bought was version 4. something.

    I am totally satisfied with the product and support. I use clone DVD2 and have had zero problems with the backups that
    I have made which now are into the 400 mark.

    Highly recommended, good value for money!!
  14. stinman>=

    stinman>= Well-Known Member

    No other for me!!

    I have been using any DVD and Clonedvd2 for about 1 year.I got my first computer last april 2006 and bought the two products a week later.I have backed movies every tuesday since then with no problems.I have turned 2 of my friends on to Slysoft and my sister.Great stuff man:clap:
  15. rolling56

    rolling56 Well-Known Member

    Slysoft products are try before you buy so if you cannot make a decision in 21 days then i have no idea what to tell you. If they work on your setup/system then buy if not don't buy them. No need for reviews.
  16. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    I agree with you there! :agree:
  17. rolling56

    rolling56 Well-Known Member

    I've been using Slysofts products since March 2004 and love knowing they will work or will be updated asap.
  18. sleepburner

    sleepburner New Member

    I have been using the slysoft anydvd and clonedvd2 for about two years. I have no problem whats so ever with burning/copying. I only use these products and I am thinking on purchasing the clonecd, since I want to do dl copying.

  19. zebadee

    zebadee Well-Known Member

    Hi :)
    This is precisely what I did & for the same reasons. :agree: :D
  20. Tazzi

    Tazzi New Member

    I've owned them all since July 2003

    They are the best. Never had any problems.

    I started with CloneCD many years ago and was impressed, therefore when it came to DVDs it was a no brainer.