Updated to and PSP still doesn't recognize 480 X 272 video file

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by anderdea, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. anderdea

    anderdea Active Member

    I updated to and have tried everything over the last couple of nights and still can't get my PSP to recognize 480 X 272. Clone DVD Mobile encodes the DVD to my Video folder on the PSP with no hickups. I have also tried renaming the file to M4VXXXXX.mp4 and putting it in the each of the MP_ROOT sub directories with no results (can't remember the exact subdirectory name). Anyway my understanding is that it can go in the PSP level VIDEO folder without renaming and it should work. My PSP doesn't even see it. It still works fine at the lower res as an MAQ type file but not in higher res.

    I'm using the following:
    PSP firmware 3.5
    Vista Ultimate

    Any Ideas??

  2. XRipper

    XRipper Member

    Do NOT :mad: place the VIDEO folder = to the PSP folder level. Place the VIDEO folder in all caps at the ROOT level above the PSP folder. It is best to encode to your hard drive, then attach your PSP via USB2 and then copy the video AVC MP4 file to the VIDEO folder (again at the root on the SONY assigned Windows drive letter). Let me know if this solves your issue and if you have any others... I have been there and done that... you do NOT have to "re-invent the wheel" :agree:

    "Time is the Predator that stalks us all"... So do NOT waste any of it!!! :policeman:
  3. Basil

    Basil New Member

    No, it's not working - OP was right

    I've downloaded, and the original poster is right. While he may appear confused by the folder structure, movies encoded at this resolution using the AVC/ H.264 format do not work with PSP firmware 3.5.2. The PSP simply reports "Unsupported Data", although file information (e.g. timestamp, movie length etc) are available.

    I have used previous versions of CloneDVD Mobile, and older files created with these previous versions are fine. A test set of files encoded with the new version do not work. I transfer files directly to the memory stick via a card reader; I don't bother with the direct PSP USB connection and I'm well aware of the folder structure.

    This needs to be corrected unless anyone can guide me further.
  4. anderdea

    anderdea Active Member

    I agree with BASIL. I have tried all the above and have transferred via the memory stick alone, from HDD to memory stick, connected PSP via USB cable to my laptop and no luck. I had to create a "VIDEO" Folder as I had all the folders but that one. I have put it everywhere includding at and outside the PSP level and no luck. I am leaving on a 5 hour driving trip tonight and was hoping to have it up and running for the trip. Thus the last two night of lost time playing with it. I finally just let it default to the lower rez so I'd have something. I hear the 480 X 272 looks so much better, I was hoping to get it to work.
  5. Mr. Burnz

    Mr. Burnz Active Member

    These guys are not pulling your leg. Since reading the post, Ive transcoded "The Messengers region 1" to 480 X 272 three passes, Even though everything looks good, and the video plays well on the computer, it will not play on the PSP. I get a message that says "This video cannot be played" Also, I transcoded "Ghost Rider region 1" to 720 X 480 three passes and got the same results. The PSP is software Version 3.40.
  6. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Possible, that 3.40 is too old.
    I never tested below 3.51 - the profile simply says ">3.30", because that firmware was supposed to work with full resolution.

    Try updating to a more current firmware - works fine with 3.52 here.
  7. Basil

    Basil New Member

    PEER can't read....

    Peer, you suggested we should upgrade to PSP firmware 3.52.

    Re-read my post above. Just to make this absolutely clear:

    - I am using PSP firmware 3.52
    - I am using CloneDVD mobile
    - I am trying to encode AVC/H.264 files at 480 x 272 resolution

  8. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I was referring to

    Let me verify whether or not I can read, by posting the following information, so I can try and read it: :)

    - what quality setting did you use, when creating the video (try not using the highest possible setting, I think that increases the probability that the PSP doesn't like the file).
    - Did you use Multipass?
    - most important: while you did state that you are well aware of the required folder structure (again, this is only if I actually can read): please confirm, that you created a 480x272 video AND placed it in the \VIDEO folder on the PSP and NOT in the \MP_ROOT folders which are only to be used for the old style non-full-resolution videos

    Also: you shouldn't create the files directly onto the memory stick, especially not the full resolution videos, because these files are first created and then remuxed - which means that they have to be re-read from the memory stick, then rebuilt and so on.
    This requires a) lots of extra space on the stick (twice the actual file size) and is b) slow as hell and c) if the remuxing fails for these reasons, it explains why the files are non-functional.

    Create the video file on your HDD, then transfer it to the stick.

    ...and generally try to keep it down with insults, that doesn't make people more willing to help, really ;)
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    from http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=4

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    Consider this a warning. :policeman:
  10. Mr. Burnz

    Mr. Burnz Active Member

    I updated to 3.52 and still got the same results. But then here's something else. The two movies I transcoded that will not play on the PSP will play on the computer using Nero Showtime. When I tried to play the movies using Quicktime, all I got was audio. No video. Fellows, it's time to put the lab coats on again. Oddly enough, DVDMobile transcodes beautifully the old way. But once you've gone Hi-Rez there's no going back.
  11. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Basil, apparently the warning was not enough.

    In the future, it would be wise to read forum rules before posting.


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  12. Mr. Burnz

    Mr. Burnz Active Member

    After a large pizza, a half gallon of ice cream and a two liter bottle of pepsi, I think I've found the problem. Everyone having this difficulty should try rolling back to version 1153 and transcoding at 480 X 272 with one pass. Then take the file and try playing it back with Quicktime. If it plays, you've got a winner, and can go ahead with your two or three pass transcode because it will play on your PSP. :bowdown:
  13. Sayuuk

    Sayuuk New Member

    I have the same hardware/software and it works perfectly.
    I had a problem before with many converters producing broken files, that would play fine in Quicktime but wouldn't start on the PSP.

    The settings I used: PSP 480x272 (AVC/H264, FW > 3.30)

    Quality to 25 (the highest) and 1-pass encoded, since the quality seems to be perfect anyway, so why waste time ;)
  14. Fahzuu

    Fahzuu Well-Known Member

    Same here.
    There are probably only very few who have this problem and as usual those are the only ones posting here - which makes it look like everyone is having those problems.
    So I'll grab the opportunity to say: I did a lot of movies already with the 480x272 option, usually 2-pass and high quality. Not one miss so far.

    I have a 1 hour trip to work by train every day and this is type of in-travel-entertainment is just awsome!! :D
  15. Mr. Burnz

    Mr. Burnz Active Member

    What version of CloneDVD Mobile are you using?
  16. Mr. Burnz

    Mr. Burnz Active Member

    So far, I'm having pretty good luck with this version of CloneDVD Mobile. But there's one movie that seems to be a problem, and that 's "The Messengers" Region 1. This movie will transcode fine, but will not play on the PSP or Quicktime. I've tried 480 X 272, 720 X 480, different passes and even used different computers. Same results. The Slysoft guys might want to pick this one apart since it seems a challenge.
  17. Sayuuk

    Sayuuk New Member

    the most recent one (1152 I think)
  18. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I don't have that movie here, but James mentioned a while ago, it's a surprise that it plays at all. Seems to be one of the badly mastered ones - so CloneDVD mobile probably can't do anything about it.
  19. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    I'm not sure this would help (peer's a hacking/decryption guru, so if he didn't mention it, then I'm probably wrong), but has anyone tried ripping with Anydvd ripper (right click on the red fox icon on your toolbar-->select "rip video dvd to harddisk") and then used that rip with Clonedvd mobile?
  20. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I don't know the exact nature of this title's mess, so - agreed, I'd sure give that one a try...