Updated profile map file for The Sim 3 support

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  1. matthew

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    The latest version of "The Sims 3" (and the expansions) do not work with the profile maps installed with v4.1.1.7. The attached file fixes this issue. You will need to re-profile the game / expansion for this to work.

    To install, go to the Game Jackal home folder (typically "C:\Program Files (x86)\SlySoft\Game Jackal v4" unzip the attached file into the "Profile Map" folder, overwriting the original.

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  2. FurryGuy

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    Thank you matthew! Your profile maps file fix solved my "No Sims 3 disc" issue with Sims 3 Town Life Stuff.
  3. tgp1994

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    I can confirm that it's working for The Sims 3 Pets. Thanks, matthew!
  4. lap17

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    SIMS Medieval


    SIMS Medieval is not working with
    The profile starts for a while and ends up with a error saying no disc available.

    I have the same problem with SIMS 3

    The patch about did not help and I did re-profile.

    Any idea why it's not working?


    PS: I forgot to tell, that it's the German version of Medieval and Sims 3 we use

    PPS: Starting the profile and I get a message that Game Jackal is activated. Fine - but a few seconds later a new message from Game Jackal tells that it is now deactived. The Sims game is far from finish starting up at that time. Could it be, that Game Jackel simply stops way too early?
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  5. capitaineXL5

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    The Sims 3 - Pets -game asks for DVD after playing for a while


    I have just bought GameJackal and no matter what I do, the Game The Sims 3 - Pets always end up asking for the DVD after a while. I read all the threads I could find about the Sims 3 and all point to the latest profile in the "Updated profile map file for The Sim 3 support" thread.

    So I applied the update and the Sims 3 -Pets no longer asked for the DVD... so I thought. After playing the game for a while (5-10 minutes), the software asks for the DVD again.:confused:
    So I deleted the profile and created another one, but this time we let the game run for two hours before finalizing the profile. Upon trying this new profile it seemed to have solved the problem, but no. This time the game asks for the DVD after several minutes to an hour of game playing...

    I am no expert in GameJackal, just a father who has tried to make The Sims 3 playable on his daughter PC without requiring the DVD. Don't know what to do anymore...:(
  6. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    The updated profile map still works for The Sims 3 Supernatural (EP7), using the profile for The Sims 3 Pets and changing the executable to the EP7 one. Excellent job, Slysoft!

    I didn't have any doubt it wouldn't work, just wanted to let the developers know their fix still does work.
  7. ZippyZX2

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    Doesn't work for me. It ejects the disk long before the game ask's for the cd. :bang:

    Doesn't even work with a image profile. Bummer

  8. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    Updated profile map works for The Sims 3 Seasons

    Not that I had any doubt, really, I just wanted to let the Slysoft devs, especially matthew, that the "updated" profile map still works for the new EPs. Over a year later it still works.

    Exactly how are you creating your profile? I have yet to have a problem. Which EP/SP are you trying to get No CDed?

    You need to select one of the pre-defined profile maps from the second screen when you create a profile, the screen after choosing your drive. If you have Supernatural or Seasons modify the location and name of the game's EXE file on the fourth configuration screen, the third one being where you can change the name of your profile.

    Trying to do a generic profile from the Sims 3 game launcher app will fail every time; no ifs, ands or buts. You have to use a predefined profile map that totally bypasses the game launcher app.

    The steps I use to get GJ to work with The Sims 3 games are:

    1. Start the GJ app and click "create a profile"
    2. Select the optical drive your game disc will use. Click Next
    3. Select a predefined Sims 3 profile map from the drop down menu. If your game is already listed, choose that. If the EP/SP is not listed then choose ANY of the Sims 3 profile maps, you will be modifying things in a bit. Click Next
    4. This screen shows you the name of your profile. If you are using a predefined profile that should work with your current EP, then fine leave it alone or change it. If your game doesn't have a predefined profile map this screen allows you to change the created profile to match the name of your latest EP/SP. Click Next
    5. This is the screen that really matters, where the game executable is located. If you are using a predefined profile map still check to make sure that the EXE file is listed as being in its correct location. If not the correct location/different exe you need to change the information by clicking the "locate title" button. You use this screen to change the location if you are modifying the predefined profile map for an unlisted EP/SP. Note: DO NOT select the S3XXXXlauncher.exe. That is for the game launcher app and selecting that for GJ to use will make the profile not work. Click Next
    6. GJ now ejects the drive tray and you insert the game disc. After a few seconds your Sims 3 game will start without the game launcher starting. When the game has finished loading and you are at the Main Menu, quit the game. When the game exits GJ takes a bit more time to finalize some settings. When finished you should now have a correctly working profile for your Sims 3 game.

    I have used the above steps ever since I had GJ because I don't install the game(s) in the default location. I have to modify the profile map with each new EP/SP. With the updated profile maps Slysoft created over a year ago I have not had a single "No CD" problem.
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  9. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    Something I have noticed about GJ and The Sims 3 game:

    when running your GJ profile you can't have ANY discs in the drive that GJ uses, the one you chose when creating the profile originally, game disc or something else. If you have a disc in the drive when running the game profile then GJ has problems keeping the game from complaining about "No disc in drive".

    I don't know if other games are affected similarly, but I know problems can and do occur with The Sims 3.
  10. daveotw

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    Thanks, it also got my Town Life stuff working. This an old thread, but I noticed that Sims 3 Expansion Packs are not added/included with the updates. Is there a reason or do you wish me to send you the profile (or directory info for 64 bit) for "The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff".

    Dave W.
  11. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    You can just as easy create a valid, working profile starting with a pre-set version from an earlier EP/SP. Just change the name of the EP/SP and the location of the executable and Game Jackal will easily create an updated profile. I know because I have created successfully profiles for each EP/SP released since The Sims 3 Pets (the last EP/SP where there is a redefined profile set).

    All of which makes me want to report that Game Jackal works superbly with The Sims 3 70s, 80s & 90s Stuff Pack and The Sims 3 University Life Expansion, as long as you properly set the location(s) of the executable correctly.

    Excellent work, Slysoft!
  12. znelbok

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    Sorry to drag up an old thread but it is about what I need help for.

    I am try to get Sims 3 Late Night working but I am not having any success.

    I did have the Sims 3 working and then I added the lane night expansion pack and created a new profile but every time it gets to the main menu it complains that no game disc can be found.

    I followed the guides listed here but without success.

    Can someone help with how to move forward from here.

  13. Loonier

    Loonier Guest

    Have you selected the TS3EP03.exe ?
  14. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    TS3 Late Night has its own profile map already a part of GJ's profile map setup, nothing out of the ordinary needed to get a profile to work, as long as you downloaded and installed the updated GJ V4 profile map in the first post at the start of the thread.

    Create a Profile, choose your CD/DVD drive, and then select the TS3 Late Night profile map from the dropdown menu. If you installed the EP somewhere other than the default location you need to browse to the TS3EP03 executable file.

    From experience with "No CD" messages from the game it can happen because:

    1. there is a CD/DVD other than the game disc in the drive and/or

    2. you created the profile with a removable drive not attached when you run the game.

    Another reason could be you are not starting the game using the GJ profile/shortcut, using the regular game shortcut instead.