Upconverting DVD backups

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  1. wks01954

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    Some people say that upconverting players can't upconvert dvd backups and some say they can.
    I'm confused!
    Somebody, please set me straight.
    Am I wasting my money if I puchse a DVD player with 1080p upconversion.
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    What does your question have to do with Anydvd HD? Does your question apply to Blu-rays or HD-DVDs? If not, you posted in the wrong forum.

    Do not create multiple threads about the exact same thing please.
  3. wks01954

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    Does anybody know for sure if upconverting players will upconvert DVD backups?
    From what I've been reading some people say you can and some say you can't.
    Does anybody really know?
    I've been looking into an upconversion dvd player. Should I save my money?
    Looking at the Oppo 980H.
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    Stop creating multiple threads. This is your last warning. :policeman:

    Oppo dvd players are excellent. And they are probably the best dvd players for under $800. And yes, you can upconvert dvd backups. The video processing is better on the 981HD than on the 980H. Opps dvd players can be made region free easily, and the 981H converts PAL to NTSC very well.

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  5. Spanky

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    I can give you my experience with my HD player, which up converts very nicely. Some regular DVDs are restricted and will not up convert, it says resolution higher than 480i is prohibited, but the backup removes the restriction and goes ahead with the up conversion. In my case the backups look better on the HD TV than the original when the prohibition is on the disk. Of course your mileage may vary.
  6. ricoman

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    I have the same experience, some of my backups look better on my OPPO upconverting DVD player than the original. Most of the originals upconvert too, but all my backups do as well. By all means, go for the OPPO, or... wait 'til Black Friday and see if you can get one of those Toshiba HDA2 or A3's cheap. I was lucky enough to grab one of the $98 Walmart specials. It plays HD discs, plus it upconverts regular dvds very nicely.8)
  7. RedFox 1

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    They have a Magnavox upconverter for 29.99 at Walmart on Black Friday.