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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Shardel, Apr 2, 2008.

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    I backed up an episode set of discs. When I did each disc I split the
    episodes onto separate discs to keep 100% definition. I used Anydvd 6400
    and Clonedvd 2915. The backup discs play perfectly in my standalone dvd
    player. When I put the first disc in my computer, it plays perfectly. When
    I put the second disc (from having split the disc) in, the computer will not recognize that there is even a disc in the player.
    Unfortunately I do not have a lot as those have been deleted already.
    Does anybody have an ideas? I have not had any problems before. However
    this is the first time I have split a disc onto two discs.
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    Time to update

    1. Use Anydvd beta: click http://sandbox.slysoft.com/beta/SetupAnyDVD6406.exe

    You may need to reboot after installing if prompted to do so.

    2. Click the red fox icon on your toolbar. Click "default". Click "ok".

    3. Use Clonedvd beta: click http://sandbox.slysoft.com/beta/SetupCloneDVD2916.exe

    from Frequently Asked Questions (READ BEFORE YOU POST)

    10. My backups play on my computer or standalone dvd player, but not in something else. Why?

    First, if the backup is playing in a standalone dvd player or on your computer that means Clonedvd worked.

    The most common reason why you're having this problem (if the backup doesn't work in a standalone dvd player) is due to a compatibility issue between the blank media you're using and whatever you're using to play the backup in (standalone dvd player, for example). Basically your dvd player, dvd-rom drive, etc. doesn't like the blank media you're using (or if you're using +R media, you didn't change the booktype to "dvd-rom"). You can try choosing other blank media (+r instead of -r, for example, and change the booktype to "dvd-rom")--or buy a different standalone dvd player (or a different dvd-rom drive, burner, etc.).

    If you're using dvd-r media and your standalone dvd player gives you a message similar to ""Play Prohibited, please check disc", use dvd+r media instead and change the booktype to "dvd-rom" (see "b)" below).

    a) Are you using junk blank media? If you're not using Taiyo Yuden (not valueline), Verbatim, Maxell Plus, or Maxell Broadcast Quality, then chances are the answer to this question is "yes". If you use junk blank media (Memorex, generic Maxell, Princo, TDK from Costco, Fuji, etc.) then you should expect problems.

    b) Click this and read FULLY (especially take a look at point 4 for more information on bitsetting/booktyping, but all points are very important)

    The same factors also apply to why the backup doesn't play in your computer (but there can be other factors including buggy or poorly installed dvd player software, bad drivers, etc.). It's also possible the playback device/player that can't play the disc is slowly dying.
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    Thank you for the information. I really appreciate all the help. I will work
    through all the suggestions one at a time and see if I can figure this out.

    By the way I have been using both programs for sometime. I think they
    are the best available.:bowdown: Love your forums too. Such quick
    and complete help.:clap:
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  5. Shardel

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    It turned out my burner was dying. Replaced it and everything is working
    okay now.:)
    Thank you so much for all you help.
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    I'm glad you resolved your problem. :clap:

    Take care