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  1. hlkc

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    Untraceable + Short review between my old pre-amp and HDMI 1.3b Onkyo 885/Integra 9.8

    Anyone have this BD in the collection? I only able to get 2 channels LPCM audio when playback. Anyone have this problem?
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  2. georgeorwell

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    Yes, I have it and had no issues. What are you using for playback? I have had PDVD change my audio away from SPDIF before and have had to change it back.
  3. hlkc

    hlkc Well-Known Member

    hmmm I used PDVD8 too via HDMI from HTPC to pre-amp. When I pick PCM, I just got 2 channels and when I pick DTS/AC3 pass thru I also got 2 channels too. In order to have 5.1, I have to use pre-amp to output DD... What version AnyDVD HD are u using? I'm using the latest one.
  4. georgeorwell

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    I'm using PDVD7.3. I have speaker environment set to SPDIF, but for some reason it sometimes changes to "2 speaker". Sounds like you have a different issue than I've had.

    BTW, I used the previous version of AnyDVD HD for the rip.
  5. hlkc

    hlkc Well-Known Member

    Hi georgeorwell,

    What do you mean by "but for some reason it sometimes changes to "2 speaker"?

    I'm using PDVD8, HDMI & latest version AnyDVD HD for playback.
  6. thedatman

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    When I was using pdvd 7 a few times something got whacked and the center channel would come out of the left speaker. I would have to restart and it would be fine after that. Now I using 8 and it has worked perfect. I did notice that if I set the number of speakers in "Sounds" to 2, pdvd 8 after clicking the "Show information" would say 2.0 and if I changed it to 6 speakers it would change to 5.1 or 7.1

    hlkc how's the a/b testing going. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on it.
  7. hlkc

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    Thanks for the info regarding this title and I just watch "we own the night" last night and it behave the same. I think it has to do with my new HDMI set up. I believed PDVD8, not sure, if I use AC3/DTS down mix option under audio HDMI, I will able to use player to do 5.1 or 7.1 but some movies just not able to do that and I have to use my Onkyo to do that. That's why I think some I can use PDVD8 to do that and other I have to use pre-amp to do that. I am glad that this is just about to over as ATI 4650 should be release in next few weeks and at least we can do PCM 7.1 if luck we can do bitstream 7.1 :D

    Regarding the A/B test, it is a long story; I thought to write a long one for you guys but not sure it is appropriate since it has nothing to do with AnyDVD... so I will do a short one here and if need, I don't mind to do a long one for u guys. In short, I am extremely happy with this $1,700 HDMI investment. With balanced out, HDMI 1.3b and all the features, it simply an excellent unit. I am an old AV guy and in my book, I don't like the source go one place and route to the other places. But since the way HDMI designs, all my AV sources come in this piece first and go out; very surprisingly I found that it is a very good integration and most importantly I don't see any video quality degrade versus HDMI directly to my monitor from HTPC. Regarding the sound, it is about the same compare to my CBII, superior II DAC. I use few of my reference MP3 and I don't hear any different. But in order to do HDMI 1.3 in CB, the minimum is CBIII with Extreme DAC and Superior DAC II with that I believed it will out perform this unit BUT at that time we are not compare apple to apple any more. We are talking about a Lexus and Bentley different. To sum up what I think so far, if you can do pre-amp & amp set up instead of integrate receiver, I will highly recommend Onkyo 885/Integra 9.8. Btw, check this out and it is a very good review about this unit from one of the well known audiophile reviewer/writer in the audio industry.
  8. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Simple explanation: Dolby PL2-x is totally broken in PowerDVD 7 & 8. If you have a 2 channel PL source, it'll mess up speaker channels. You must set output mode to "no effect", otherwise you'll see (or hear) "funny results".