Unsupported video on PSP

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by manuelgo, Apr 23, 2007.

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    I have tried everything on this forum and no luck.

    I just uncommented the 2 lines in the .ini file of clonedvd mobile. We'll see if this works. I am burning to computer folder only. Then copy to memory duo to root/videos/here.mp4 as specified in sony's help and also there is a sample video there too, so I know it's the right area, it's just when trying to play, says unsupported format. So I wonder if the video settings are the correct ones.

    I have latest firmware on psp v2.82

    Any ideas besides the same ones that I have tried without any luck?

    What are the TRUE settings for PSP? Video resolutions,Audio, etc....
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    Are you naming the files correctly?

    MAQ00001.MP4 - MAQ00009.MP4 for AVC and
    M4V00001.MP4 - M4V00009.MP4 for MPEG-4.
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    Had to select the last selection under Sony=>MPEG4,Firmware Version >=2.6 and now it works. I can even rename the filename to reflect the movie name, but of course with the .mp4 extension :)
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    I've tryed but mine wont work, see for yourself. Still unsupported -.-

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