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Mar 3, 2007
I bought a spindle of 100 TDK DVD-R's at Costco. My question is when I have Nero check the media ID it says manufacturer unknown, but it has one of the better ID's(TTH02). On the disk it says nothing also, just all white printable face. They test better then my Verbatims on Nero also, but I want good archival media. Do I trust these disks or could they be fake since nothing is written on the disk and the manufacturer is unknown? Thanks for any help, I am new here and have learned alot about archiving so far.
There seems to be a lot of discussion on many DVD forums about the TTH02. It seems there are a lot of bad ones out there. The MID is CMC and are being offered under many names and 8X and 16X speeds. Try another software to ID the media with....such as DVD Info Pro.

I didn't see any mention of printable media but the silvers ones seem to be good and are manufactured by CMC to TDK specifications and has the MID TTH02. As these discs are pre-release samples they are yet unbranded and have the plain silver top surface, the underside is a smooth, light purple dye with a clear center ring with the marking DVD-R 4906A2 on the silver ring and the batch code MTP******* adjacent to the center hole. The edges are smooth with no excess glue protrusions
I want Great archival media. So I didn't know about media till after I bought the TDK's. I went and bought Verbatim to use instead, since I want to be able to watch something 5-10 years down the road. I'm just wondering why the TDK's test better then my Verbs on Nero consistantly with the same movies and record speed, etc.? Also some Verbs are CMC, which supposedly landfill material, I don't want to get stuck with any CMC media. The Verbs I have now are MCC media.
I've read many nero burn logs with people having trouble with TTH02 MID code for TDK media. It's usually hit or miss with certain drives.

Since you are getting some very good scans,you should be ok.TTH02 is suppose to be 1st class media,but I disagree with that.:disagree:

Verbatim Media:

What's the MID code from them?

With the 16x verbs,use caution if you are burning them slow. On all my drives,they perform better with at least an 8x burn. These discs were designed to be burned faster. Even my 12x backups scanned a lot better than 4x.:)