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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by nepenthedream, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. nepenthedream

    nepenthedream Member

    I am almost positive this issue is not AnyDVD HD, but I was hoping someone here had a thought.
    So my AnyDVD stop working sometime ago. After trouble I thought it was my DVD Blu-ray player. Then I tried re-installing and then it worked, but either after reboot or a period of time it stops working.
    The taskbar tray just disappears, and nothing runs,(meaning that when I put a movie in the player nothing happens). I do a re-install and it works again, then the cycle starts over.

    This is what I have tried and found out.
    At some put I had Avast installed, so I uninstalled this, then windows defender found two viruses that Avast didn't find. I clear that, and thought it was working, but after a reboot still did work. I ran more virus scans, but nothing comes up.

    After this happens, I went into the anyDVD folder and tried to launch it there, also dvdtray, and system info. They all fail to run, again re-install it works again. Also at this time I have confirmed that the movie that rips works, but reboot and nothing.
    I have malewarebytes, ccleaner and windows defender.
    I have ran them all and nothing. I even went in and just started uninstalling apps that I don't need or recognize.
    This computer is pretty much dedicated to Kodi and Plex, so there isn't a lot that gets installed on it.
    am at a lost at this point trying to figure it out.
    Has this been seen before, or is there another virus scan that maybe is a little deeper.
    Thanks for any help.
  2. wowszer

    wowszer Well-Known Member

    You don't launch from the folder. Go to bottom right of screen, click show hidden icons, (^), then right click red fox icon. Select from there.
  3. tgp7777777

    tgp7777777 Well-Known Member

    Did you perform a boot scan? Fire up Taskmgr and see if anything you dont understand is running. Google anything you are suspicious about. Check startup programs from Taskmgr. Check services, again Google anything strange.
  4. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    You could post an AnyDVD logfile from a random disc. Maybe I can see something unusual.
  5. nepenthedream

    nepenthedream Member

    This where it just disappears. For years it has always been in that taskbar no problems. Now after I re-install it is there, but after reboot or some time it no longer shows there. There is nothing that can be launch from here now.
  6. nepenthedream

    nepenthedream Member

    I haven't tried a boot scan, but I did go into the Taskmgr, and anything I didn't know I killed tracked it down and uninstalled it. I check the startup in taskmagr, eliminated anything I didn't recognized or I just didn't think I need to startup. Still no luck
  7. nepenthedream

    nepenthedream Member

    Will there be a log when nothing happens? After a fresh re-install AnyDVD will pop up and scan the disk, but after reboot or some time, it will no longer pop up and say scanning.
  8. Bytecrawler

    Bytecrawler Member

    This sounds similar to a problem I'm having. I think it is related to hibernating the system. After coming back from hibernation, I can't find the RedFox icon in the lower right of the taskbar. The process is still running, but no icon. Once I reboot the system the icon is there again.
    The difference is that if I put a disk in a drive, RedFox will recognize it, but I can't find the icon so I can't get to the menu to rip it.
  9. Bubbator

    Bubbator Well-Known Member

    Antivirus? Bitdefender will do that until exclusion for AnyDVD added. Folders and files for AnydVD plus the process that pops up at the moment of disappearance.