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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Binnerup, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. James

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    No need to update the sticky, unless we know, if it actually works... :rolleyes:
    This beta was intended for testing by @Binnerup ...
  2. Pete

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    CloneBD creates a hash over a small region in the middle of the largest m2ts file (a file, that is most likely to be part of the main movie, unique to the disc).
    Additionally over all mpls and clpi files (sorted). This is because it needs to differentiate between the same disc having been altered in different ways by AnyDVD (trailers removed, speedmenu added, ...).

    In your case the latter would make less sense, I guess.

    Basically, the only components that are reliably present on a BD/UHD are clpi, mpls, m2ts, index.bdmv and MovieObjects.bdmv - everything else is optional.

    I don't know, if you need the hash to be independent of whether the disc is encrypted or not.
    If so, the options are fewer, BUT:
    The clpi files are bound to be fairly (actually 100%) unique. Not only m2ts file sizes and stream languages are in there, but also the CPI-Maps for time-offset calculation and these are fairly large and I'd say it's completely impossible for two discs to accidentally have the same values.

    EDIT: clpi files - other than mpls - are rarely modified by AnyDVD. Only the "remove trailers" option and adding Speedmenu will modify or remove/add clpi files.
    If you want to identify a disc independently of what AnyDVD has done and whether it has been decrypted or not, I'd say:

    gather all clpi files corresponding to fairly large video files (10 minutes or more), sort them and then hash over them.
    That should give you a pretty robust hash, that really tells you which disc it is, no matter if anything has preprocessed it (other than compression or remuxing).
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    Because there would be a lot of users who are on a prior version of our software, where AnyDVD typically gets updated - if the file was moved down in priority, it would mean that less of these users would be affected.

    That is the problem - the author of DVD Profiler have been absent for more than a year, without a word anywhere.

    Absolutely - on it for today - thank you for such quick turnaround :)
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    Naturally :)
  5. Binnerup

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    Thank you - I will take a look at that :)
  6. Binnerup

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    This is working very well - thank you!

    I will begin the implementation of it.
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  8. Binnerup

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    Just to get me to get an overview of when this have occurred, I have a follow up question.

    This file replacement, does it occur only when AnyDVDs speed menu is enabled, or are there other situations and configs that can do the same thing?
  9. Pete

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    Several others.
    Any kind that requires rebuilding BD-J (region code removal, BDLive removal, Screen Pass Protection).
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    Ok, thanks :)