UnderDog with DVDFab

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    Ripped fulldisc then burned with clonedvd copy came out perfect
    Also here is the protection from dvdfab

    Info for drive [D:\] (DVDFab HD Decrypter Beta)
    Drive region: 1

    Disc type: Video DVD
    Disc region: 1
    Volume name: UDD0NNW1
    Video standard: NTSC
    Layer 0 size: 2050272 sectors (4004 MBytes)
    Layer 1 size: 2050272 sectors (4004 MBytes)

    CSS (Content Scramble System) protection is removed!
    RC (Region Code) protection is removed!
    RCE (Region Code Enhancement) protection is not found.
    APS (Analog Protection System) protection is removed!
    UOPs (User Operation Prohobitions) protection is removed!

    Structure protection (ARccOS, RipGuard, etc.) is removed!
    Fake vts protection is not found!
    4 potential bad sector protections are removed!
    Invalid PGCs protection is not found.
    Invalid CELLs protection is removed!
    Invalid VOBUs protection is removed!