Uncompressed audio to HD & DVD audio?

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  1. This is probably a stupid question and been over many times here, but I can't find it....

    How do I do this? :confused:

    What I would like to accomplish is backup my whole original cd collection 1:1 (totally uncompressed) to a backup hard drive and a portable HD I can hook up to my car audio system AND also make up my own 1:1 DVDs with my choice of artist, songs, etc. on each DVD I burn?

  2. I take it that since my post was moved, I can't do this with any of my slysoft software? :doh:

    BTW, when I say HD, I mean hard drive, not high def....
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    You are correct.

    I would use Exactaudiocopy (this is the best audio ripper) to extract songs from your cds without errors. Then I would use a reauthoring program. Others will undoubtedly have suggestions.

    visit http://www.exactaudiocopy.de
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  4. Thanks Webslinger!

    Come on, no one out there knows how to do this or can add anything???