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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by levowse, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. levowse

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    Since the last Windows 10 update which apparently deleted home group (not a significant issue) and made some other changes, every time a put in a DVD to Rip to my HD I receive and error stating unable to read CSS Code. It takes at approx. 5 minute for Windows to even recognize the DVD is in one of my two DVD drives. Any ideas on how to correct this issues would be greatly appreciated.
  2. mmdavis

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    Normally a CSS issue is caused by a drive that does not have the region code set. An AnyDVD log would be needed to verify the cause though. Otherwise, it is only a guess. If you do check the drive region, be sure to EXIT AnyDVD BEFORE checking or setting.
  3. levowse

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    Showing my ignorance, where do I find the AnyDVD log you require for me info? I will remember to close any DVD first.
  4. mmdavis

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    From the "PLEASE read this before you post" sticky, Step 5:
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    Wrong section, moved to anydvd
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    Read the message to the end, exit AnyDVD and set your drive region code.